MetaCartel Grants Offboarding & Hand-off

MetaCartel Grants Offboarding & Hand-off

3 Month Objective: Streamline grants operations


  1. Revised Grant Process
    🏦 [GUIDE] How to post a funding proposal
(Pipeline partnerships/Outreach/WOM) β†’ Discourse β†’ Calendly β†’ interview β†’ vote onchain β†’ 1 share

Operational Improvements

Project Funnel

  • Developer Application Funnel streamlined
  • Conference pipeline for outreach, 20% response rate
  1. Streamline booking


1-2 Projects funded per month, >$25K distributed

Nifty Chess
CommitPool V1
Minty DAO
Li Finance

  • 3 Hackathons outreached, 600+ applications reviewed/outreached
  • 36 blockchain college clubs outreach invite into our funnel of applicants

Awareness/ Partnerships

  • Pitched for MetaCartel at TheDAOist at ETHcc
  • Pipeline Partnerships: Steven from ETH Foundation, Dystopia Labs

Public Resources:



Ops Sunset

Grantee Onboarding - to send out welcome/onboarding instructions for Grantees

Copy & Paste β€œGrant Recipients”

Grantee Terms

Next Steps:

  • Potential Revenue Partnerships: Mesh, CoinFund (–> Yalor?)
  • Will post this on the [DAO Processes] to access
  • Submit final (3/3) Money Mage stipend
  • Ping Sky?
  • Grant Ops transitions back to other DAO members, Sydney will help as an active member/volunteer role
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