MetaCartel Meetup @ MetaFest

Many of us are meeting again in Croatia for the next Meta event, this time is being run by our dear @pETH ( )

I proposed a small gathering for MetaCartel and Frens to happen right before the main event kicks off officially as most people will be in town early.

Would love to get a sense of when people are in town so we can plan + get some funding from the DAO to make it all happen.

Since Croatia is pretty affordable we can probably accomplish this with about $5,000 for a special place nearby the venue and some drinks and snack for the evening.

A Chili Pepper Pool Party :hot_pepper::beach_umbrella::world_map:

All members of MetaCartel will automatically be welcome to attend, then friends of our members should be invited on a + 1 basis.

What day would you most likely be able to attend ?

  • August 12th - Saturday :trident:
  • August 13th - Sunday :trident:
  • August 14th - Monday :trident:
  • August 15th - Tuesday :trident:

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I am also proposing a tentative $5,000 grant from the DAO directly, as this is a MetaCartel specific event it does not qualify for funding from the Ethos Pod (because I know you are going to ask) :laughing:

The proposal on-chain, but will not be sponsored until after some support has been gathered here via likes and comments :point_down:t3:

Additional details about the event location

Location: Štinjan walking distance from the main venue :world_map:

Open floor plan, good for 100+ guests, possibly some lawn games :dart::bowling::golf:

Open to thoughts, suggestions, feedback :speech_balloon: please provide below :arrow_down:


Do we have an idea of how many MC people will be around for it?

it would be great to have an in person “session” live to help determine the future of MC.

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Latest estimate is 15-20 members, based on the Telegram group for attendees.

So a decent cohort of folks, including 5 members staying at the event space which is also an airbnb.

Also I’m not sure we need to “decide” what’s next for MetaCartel, as IMO the members have already signaled what they want to happen with MetaCartel ( nothing ) :nerd_face: we have already spun down operations, pods experiment has been running smoothly, and only a little bit of funding left in the DAO.

Best to create a new proposal if you want to get a new initiative started with a sub group of members from the DAO, but trying to rally the whole DAO to do a new thing is more effort than you might think (trust me) :laughing:

I’ve only been a member for almost 9 months, but in that time it seems like the pattern is that proposals for MetaCartel parties, coordinated by Yalor, not only pass, but everyone attending has a really great time.

I only have 1 share, but will vote in favor with the on chain proposal, with the intention to signal some witnessing to efforts that go into an event like this, and the general sentiment of enjoyment for everyone who experiences it.

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