MetaCrypton (former DONFT)

This is @skywinder, the winner of the ETHLisbon hackathon with the project DONFT.
Our team has decided to move this project forward. :rocket:

MetaCrypton (former DONFT)


We are creating a solution that can be integrated into any game that uses NFT’s as avatars or objects. Through an API, it will allow changing characteristics and the avatar of NFTs inside the game, and these changes will change what the avatar looks like.

These changes are influenced by the custom characteristics of each NFT avatar, such as game level, experience, game points, etc.

Our changeable NFTs can be used as avatars or items on any platform and represent their owners in any game or DAO community. No

Currently, we are focusing on partnerships with game projects, but in the future, we are planning to use this solution for DAO projects. This branch needs more investigation and development. Our team is now working on DAO members cast dev, which will help us find the right product/ market fit and benefit the community the most.

Manifesto / Vision

DeFi Users will have the tools for avatar management of their avatars and items.

Game players will be able to own, upgrade, sell, lend and even bring their avatars from one game to another.

DAO members will get avatars that will show complete information about their status and activities in the various DAO communities.



  • We have created a protocol for modifying existing NFTs with the help of neural networks. For our MVP, we used various filters (adding animation and movements, changing the style, background).
  • We have developed a smart contract that uses the create2 mechanism. This technology allows one NFT to own another.
  • We also trained the neural network to use animation transmission of motion from the original NFT to another NFT. Other types of neural network transformations can be added and applied later.

Current progress:

  • :white_check_mark: We’ve partnered with Azure Games, and we are currently in the process of integrating our solution into their new project
  • :white_check_mark: We’ve created smart-contact for Changeable avatars (avatars changed by specific actions on the blockchain such as a change of the state of the game, or different activities in the DAO
  • :white_check_mark: We’ve developed the Stackable NFT (which allows users to put as many NFT and tokens inside this proxy and control it)

Here is the repo with new architecture and additional features:


1. Phase 1 (MVP):
timeline: 2 months

  • we will partner with one game and integrate our solution while the game is still in the development stage;
  • through the API our solution will change user’s avatar over time (with each level);
  1. Phase 2:
    timeline: 6 months
  • we will create a bridge that connects NFTs between various games/projects
  • at this point, we want to collaborate with a couple more projects (NFT collections, Games, or DAO’s) and allow them to integrate NFTs into the gaming infrastructure. (through the provided API and NFT interfaces)
  • our team carries out comprehensive industry cast dev, which will help us find the right product/ market fit for our solution.
  1. Phase 3
  • Based on our cast dev results, we chose the direction for further development. We will select one of these two main directions: blockchain gaming or DAOs


Traditional gaming primarily based on walled-off data networks doesn’t allow users to own their in-game assets such as skins, avatars, etc. This is one of the reasons why industry leaders are turning their heads toward blockchain solutions, and we see so many new projects of all sizes pop up out of nowhere almost every day. This technology allows users to own their assets, such as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and sell them in a free market economy.

Forte is an excellent example in this fast-growing industry. Recently the company has raised $725 million for it’s behind-the-scenes blockchain game platform, which will enable game companies to create blockchain games that are both compliant and interoperable.
Besides Forte, an impressive list of companies has hit unicorn status (above $1 billion valuations) like Animoca Brands, Mythical Games, Dapper Labs, and Sky Mavis. All those companies are making games based on the blockchain.

We are sure that our solution will be just right for the industry, and growing interest in our project from the community shows us that we are on the right path. We have already partnered with the game project and getting new requests for future partnerships.


  • Petr Korolev - Ideology & Vision
    15+ in development and InfoSec

    • Co-host of CyberAcademy
    • Creator of web3swift
    • Co-founded Matter Labs
  • Alexander Avdonin - Architect

    • 10+ years as a full-stack web developer
    • 5+ years in CTO position in e-commerce
    • currently blockchain developer (smart contracts, security audits, code reviews)
  • Anton Grigorev - blockchain developer

    • Lead Blockchain Engineer @ Securrency
    • Core contributor @ web3swift
  • Daria Mironova - Strategic & Product

    • Senior product/ project manager with 7 years of experience
    • business strategy consultant
    • currently leading the machine learning integration project in e-commerce startup

Grant Request

At the moment, we need 2k$ to validate our solution and cover some inner and gas fee costs.


It will also be precious for us to share your vision about future DAO development and community needs and introduce our team to some of the core industry players.

Additional Resources

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Hey @skywinder did we get this proposal passed for you ? We already allocated the funds from the treasury. Shoot me a DM on Discord and I’ll help you get it on-chain :v:t2:@Yalor#8008

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@skywinder, sounds like you are developing exactly what I’ve been telling my kids about one way NFTs will make gaming even more cool :exploding_head:. Excited to follow your progress!

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