MetaMedia Chili Pod

In line with the latest protocol for grant giving, we are asking to create a MetaMedia Chili Pod


After a successful 2+ years of creating and distributing educational content (podcasts, newsletters, and videos) on DAOs, MetaMedia has built a subscriber base of ~19k across all of its channels.

MetaMedia is a shared channel between MetaCartel and MetaGame, with 6 active contributors (all part of the MetaFam) who produce and distribute all of the educational content.


MetaMedia contributors are currently exclusively MetaFam members. A small tight-knit team has worked well for the last two years to get MetaMedia off the ground, but we need to scale up, leveraging the vast DAO contributor talent pool, in order to meet the needs of a growing and evolving DAO audience.


MetaMedia will continue to fall under MetaGame, with a team of people working on content creation, strategy, and distribution.

The following working groups already operational within MetaGame:

  1. Newsletter (2 contributors)
  2. Podcasts (3 contributors)
  3. DAO Playbooks (1 contributor)


In the short term, the focus of grants will be primarily on DAO playbooks because as the number of DAOs grows, there is a need to standardize processes to ensure new DAOs share the ethos and values of the DAOWei — DAOing in the “right” way – and also to pass down accumulated knowledge, ensuring mistakes are not repeated. Playbooks also play an important role in getting more people involved with DAOs.

For example, we envision grant-recipients creating the following types of playbooks:

  • 8 Steps to Get Involved in the DAO Space as a Non-Technical Person
  • 8 Steps to Get Involved in a DAO, Web3, or NFT Project as a Person with X Role
  • How to Bootstrap a Successful DAO
  • How to Find Balance Between Centralization and Decentralization
  • Top 10 Tools to Run your DAO

Our long term-vision is to turn this content into “Quest Chains” with people receiving a NFT certificate of completion for reading/watching the material. Creators will also have the ability to build courses using MetaMedia’s content and people who successfully complete the course will receive a skill-attestation/accreditation NFTs.

Once the SubDAO becomes sustainable (i.e, sponsorships, selling ad space to ethos aligned projects, and NFT sales on Mirror) it will spin out into its own DAO.


We are asking for a grant of 10k, which will be used to award grants to content creators.

Success Metrics and Reporting

The MetaMedia ChiliPod will report 1x/month on the following metrics:

  • number (#) of grants awarded to independent content creators
  • value ($) of grants awarded to independent content creators


Rika Goldberg - Lead

Peth - Advisor

Christina - Team Member

We’re looking for others who are interested in leading and/or helping to get the MetaMedia SubDAO off the ground.


We are open to any and all feedback, so please don’t be shy to poke holes.

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YES and tell me more :slightly_smiling_face: what kinds of things will you cover ? What kind of grants will you be giving to content creators ?

Where are you going to start and what do you expect your road map for sustainability to be like?

Any groups lined up or locked in for sponsorship presently ? What separates MetaMedia from outlets like Bankless / CoinDesk, Decrypt ?

@Yalor For sure!

We’ll cover educational content, primarily playbooks. THAT will our unique differentiator from Coinbase, Bankless, Decrypt, etc. Our goal is to help developers and non-technical people contribute to DAOs and get paid for it.

The grants will be monetary grants, paid in ETH or a Stablecoin. We haven’t decided on how much each grant will be, but ~1k/grant sounds reasonable. Does that answer your question?

We will start as soon as the proposal passes, but we’ll start scouting for playbook writers sooner than that so we have a pipeline. As far as milestones, this Champion Proposal on MetaGame’s forum has more details: Rika Goldberg to Champion MetaMedia - 🗳️ Proposals - MetaGame

Re: sponsorships, those will come after we build a reputation for writing DAO playbooks. To build our reputation, we are envisioning a sustainability flywheel that looks something like this:

  1. Source playbook writers from Twitter. Give them grants.
  2. Source projects/tools in the ecosystem and offer them a service of writing playbooks for their project/tool for $X amount. Take a % cut of the service revenue to pay MetaMedia Ops team.
  3. Attract sponsors via expanded audience/subscriber base from 1 & 2
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Okay, more questions :raising_hand_man:

What is a “DAO Playbook” ? Is there one I can see now ?

Does each DAO have it’s own playbook ? Are there standard DAO playbooks available ? Are they open-source a free to copy/share ?

How would you go about writing a playbook for NounsDAO for example ? How much is the $X amount that you would be charging for writing these ? How long does it take to make one ? What’s included in a completed version ? What’s NOT included ?

How are you going to find these people on Twitter ?

Sorry for the barrage of questions but I generally curious :eyes: also if I was buying this service what would be the one thing you would tell me that would convince me I MUST have a DAO playbook from you ?

Let me address some of these since I’ve been around Playbooks for longer…

There isn’t a DAO playbook. I wouldn’t say each DAO has its own playbook but fairly close to that. There are a bunch of distinct DAO playbooks & each DAO has its own playbook.
I dont think there are standard DAO playbooks available atm but guess the most common one is becoming multisig + independent teams + snapshot. Another is DAOhaus + delegation etc.

They will definitely all be open source & free to share. The idea is there will also be a forking option so it can more clearly be visible which playbooks derive from which.

Also want to point out that the tool we are using for these is a general purpose educational protocol that allows anyone to build their own micro courses & issue skill/knowledge attestation NFTs. We are starting by focusing on the “how-to-DAO” niche but eventually they can really be about any domain of knowledge or skills & they can be chained together into skill trees, eg:
1a) How to use Coordinape
1b) How to use a Gnosis multisig
2) How to run a DAO using Coordinape & multisig

So you can think examples such as:

  • How to DAO using toolX, Y & Z
  • How to DAO like DAO X
  • How to join the DAO space as a content producer or person of X skill or background

These are all good questions. I have no idea how NounsDAO works so I can’t answer it. Others really depend on a case-by-case basis, how complicated it is etc.

Idk if they actively plan on finding them but I randomly stumble upon them daily even multiple times, where a random, usually high profile person, writes a thread on how to do something, sometimes explicitly calling it a playbook.
The pitch here is: hey, do you want to add a bit more text to what you wrote & turn it into a micro course? You can start issuing your own skill/knowledge attestation NFTs to your followers & integrate it into your own website using your own UI. (and if its good, we’ll even publish it to our >10k subscribers as a newsletter)

Share your wisdom with the next generation of DAO builders & get some extra promotion.

Overall, I’d say we’re offering a service to the ecosystem, not any specific DAO.
So a DAO X may want to have a playbook but not pay for it, while a DAO tool Y may want to sponsor the newsletter issue that publishes it to 12k subscribers.
A DAO Y may decide to simply write it on their own for free & have it published through us.

Default incentives:

  • Be among the first to start issuing your own attestation NFTs
  • Help the DAO ecosystem
  • Get promotion through our newsletter & twitter

Extra incentive:

  • Small grants to be sparingly sprinkled where default incentives aren’t enough

The default incentives should hopefully be enough in most cases so a lot of the cost will be outreach & workflow management. Playbooks are already out there, there’s just nobody incentivized to reach out etc.

The main pitch for Playbooks is really this facilitation of knowledge transfer from successful DAOs to the ecosystem newbies so people can stop reinventing the wheel & repeating all the same mistakes we already made :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the through response, my first reaction is one that you might not like.

This is a business, it has a clear model’ ( Charge X for service Y) in which case, why do you need a grant for this project ?

Are you sure you’ve read the response? :joy:
Its not a business & its not offering a service.
The goal is to capture knowledge from successful DAOists, package it into a digestible format & pass it on to the fledgling ecosystem - just because there’s a viable sustainability model doesn’t make it a business.
We are producing open source knowledge, which is an intersection of 2 things that are hardest to get funded :rofl:

Likewise, just because it could be a business, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need $ to get started.
Also, imo, focusing exclusively on big projects that are willing to pay for their playbooks to get written won’t necessarily result in the best playbooks (think Uniswap or MakerDAO) & it most certainly won’t result in a lot of playbooks overall as the DAO ecosystem is still broke at this point…

And even if we can get people to write playbooks for free (which we likely can due to the above mentioned incentives), we still need somebody to manage the process. MetaGame is already paying that somebody but the pay is shit & we’re already providing access to our mailing list & followers which is a decent incentive but isn’t enough.

Also looks like we narrowed down from a “MetaMedia pod” to a Playbooks grant though. The idea started by wanting the MetaCartel ecosystem to have a media arm to help with education & promotion, Playbooks is a sub-project. Not sure if we should zoom back out or just rename?

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Honestly, I think someone has already beat you to it

They have a pretty good and comprehensive resource hub, I’m also guessing that there are other teams creating resources around this and getting traction. I would encourage you to support their efforts and find ways of adding value to the existing project, not creating another.

Follow the open-source way :palms_up_together:t4:

These are articles written in a normal post form, not how-to guides in a dApp made for micro-courses.
They include no quests & no knowledge/skill-attestation NFTs etc.

Also, from what I can see, the last article on this page was posted in June last year. Which I guess speaks to the sustainability of open source educational projects :joy:
Before that, I remember DAO Masters, but they also dissolved about 6 months ago.

If you know any more of these, please share. Esp. if you got some currently active ones because we’d definitely be open for collabs, cross posting etc.

Yeah, thats why we spoke a lot about finding orgs & people, helping them change the form into micr-courses & helping them distribute their knowledge to 15k more people vs just writing things, like most projects do. We definitely dont want to be reinventing the wheel.
Also, this project was originally started in 2020, we already have 21 playbooks ourselves, it was just put on pause because we didnt have a proper UI for whats needed & there was nobody to push the project forward as we had close to 0 funding.

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Do you care to share a link? Would love to dig into that knowledge