MetaRepo: `Good-First-Issues`

One Repo to Rule Them All :ring:

I am probably not in a unique position being active in 4-5 MC ecosystem projects at once but I’ve been seeing a lot of missed connections between the meta-communities under the meta-umbrella :umbrella:

The MetaRepo idea stems from the need for us to have a community issue board where new folks can browse and tackle tasks that are helpful for community projects. There should be a way to start earning reputation in the “meta” community without paying your way in. I’m guessing that @META_DREAMER has some thoughts on this from his work with the MetaGame XP system.

Examples where this could be useful:

In the RaidGuild we have started an #apprentice-issue channel for people who want to work their way into the Guild, but we’re short on issues.

In MetaCartel we have a backdoor where new members can work their way into the cartel, yet where do those issues/tasks live ???

In MetaGame we have a ton of new players and people coming in looking for things to tackle, we’ve got issues for devs, for memes, for content creators, but we haven’t developed a comprehensive issue board to point these new players towards their tasks, we’ve got some quests but they are not exactly easy for people to jump on without lots of prior soloed knowledge.

To The Point

I’m gonna be rounding up a list of bounties/ paid and unpaid that would fit into this MetaRepo and asking all the teams under the Meta Umbrella to start pushing these issues into this repo for ease of navigation and visibility.

Kicking this off here I would love any help/feedback/ or pointers on setting up this repo, managing it, setting up an issue template, system for tagging issues and all the other things I probably haven’t thought of.



This would also be a good way to engage Dragon Questers post DQ :dragon_face:

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