MetaRooms // A social platform for your NFT holders

I have launched a platform that is designed to bring functional and social use cases to NFT’s.

The main feature creates a chatroom and a series of NFTs attached to that chatroom. The minted NFTs will be used to gate the chatroom allowing it to only be accessed by holders of those NFTs.

The possibilities are endless for the gated room. Chatrooms are the most basic use case I could think of to test if people will actually use the platform. I aim to add features such as video chat and governance and auctions to these rooms if we gain traction.

These rooms can be created around NFT collections that have already been minted elsewhere or any erc-20 token. This will be the main distribution method for onboarding users in the early stages allowing projects to have a place to chat with current holders of a token.

Revenue will come from royalty streams from the secondary sales of all NFTs minted from our smart contracts and possibly a monthly fee for running rooms that have more advanced features than just chat.

If this project is of interest to anyone I’d love to chat. I need help scaling this.

Thank you!