MetaState Model (Meta DAO)

The MetaState Model is a virtual nation-state design that re-imagines the idea of citizenship, community, and government in an online first environment.

Public goods include:

  • Access to community chat spaces
  • The expertise of the peer network
  • Community growth and support programs
  • Access to subsidies to work on social and tech innovation
  • Access to opportunities around DAO experimentation
  • Access to MetaCartel’s hidden library of Alexandria
  • Twitter tweets from @meta_cartel
  • 3 Month loans for up to 3000 USD


  • Membership or citizenship into the MetaState/Community is curated accordingly to the members themselves. For example, to gain Citizenship in the MetaState, we will need to have a vetting process, but instead of focusing this on financial status or country of origin, we focus it on the knowledge of the existing MetaCartel world, MetaGame Pillar Articles and aligned values as well as beliefs.
  • Individuals can gain citizenship by pledging income tax for at the minimum of one year, doing work for the DAO and keeping shares or by pledging directly into the DAO. Citizenship blue cards may also be awarded and offered to others on special occasions and lottery.
  • Organizations can gain citizenship into the MetaState by pledging % fees of any business, product or service they provide. There must be some reasonable level of taxable activity for this to be approved. This process will be based on trust but there will also be financial audits to be funded by the MetaState in the future.

Governance considerations

  • As citizenship grows over time, we’ll likely need to scale governance via representatives and will foreseeably elect a government - albeit more fluid than what we experience in the current day and age.
  • MetaStates are purely virtual and have no physical boundaries
  • Citizens of one MetaState can be a citizen for another MetaState
  • More you are taxed by the MetaState, the more DAO Shares you are issued accordingly

Economic activity

  • All MetaState Citizens are aligned to collectively drive up the MetaState’s GDP and economic output as it would in effect increase our collective ability to provide for ourselves.

  • In MetaCartel DAO, the shares that provide governance rights are collateralized by GuildBank funds and ragequittable but are not transferable. In the MetaState Model, the DAO Shares are transferrable only amongst Citizens of the MetaState and will have a complete tax write off during economic activity within the MetaState.

  • MetaStates will similarly have their own natural resources, gifts, and talents like every other nation-state and will have to think strategically about how to encourage the natural growth of our GDP.

Further areas of exploration

  • Creating many MetaStates and enabling them to merge into a network state where public goods funding can be used in collaboration to solve even larger public goods of that Network Nation-State (eg. setting up health policy organization).

Is this one of those libraries that’s so hidden you have to go on an adventure to find it and the journey is it’s own reward, or do we actually have a library? Because I like to read stuff sometimes so that could be cool

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MetaState is Amazing! Apply for DAOSquare to become one of the contracting states🥳

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Ummm … by definition a public good is non-rival and non-excludable … which means even those outside the metastate can benefit. Perhaps what you mean is club/shared goods which will be constrained by the laws of supply and demand. Take “public” health for example, health is something we all wish to have endless amounts of, as we all wish to live longer. But there are finite constraints on doctors time and zero-cost R&D. So defining a utopia is easy, but delivering one is hard.

Lets take something basic … self-sovereignty … what is the minimum you need for someone to become a proto-citizen?

There are many nice ideas in your writing, but isn’t a prominent step forward like this should be made in a long-term collaboration of members with related professions or interests? I would be happy to collaborate on this and push it further.

Regarding terms public good/club good: Sure, club goods it is.

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t hard would we :wink:

Good suggestion. Yes, most likely there should be.

Created a new chat here on telegram: @imperator_sheep @drllau

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Probably need to pass an knowledge exam (history based, and also vetting for personal values) + human video call interview + also paying a tax to the nation state (maybe this can just be a flat subscription monthly fee)

Isn’t this just a Hacker’s version of JimCrow Laws? Let’s start out with the basics which is pretty immutable:

  1. Individual - not corporate legal identity (which can be layered around to mediate relationship with (meta-states) and other self-sovereign entities (hypothetically a smart enough general AI could qualify so long as abide by #2)
  2. Birth and death (timestamp) … we are created, and ultimately (bar cryogenic time-skipping) die … if a created being (SingularAI) is conscious enough to will their own death, then they have the fundamental concept of mortality (which would rule out Skynet (rogue tool) as need to honor those that “create” an independent us
  3. Infosphere - the ability to project your will, your ideas, thoughts/communications, code and any other memories outside one’s self (#1) … such as space can be either private (me($home)) or mediated (me($work)) … metastates as sub/supersets of infospheres that have a a concept of other#4 and subsequent social compact to obey netiquette, algorithmic rules, or hard codesets (eg your first smart contract). Note participation does not preclude the right to seclusion (others can talk but no obligation to listen)
  4. Non-Self - we agree, accept and acknowledge that there are (non-self#1) others who are equally self-sovereign, whether alien or fantasy (in a synthetic infosphere#3 with pseudo-identity me($play)). When dealing with dapps, bots, or network-agents, they must have clear antecents to the originating infosphere (antecedent & origination needs clarification as can be complex open-source … if you knowingly release a virus, knowing the consequences, then you are as culpable as the person who deliberately infects an infosphere or computer system)
  5. It is considered a tort (harm), whether economic or physical (hurt bodies) when you delete, deny, or divert an infosphere (and/or their mediating channels) not of self#1
  6. You cannot intermix infospheres without mutual awareness, acknowledgement#4 and permisson … mutally excludes force (at point of cannon#5 pointed at you), supports common law (customary practices) as well as commercial lures (voluntary exchanges of rights/liabilities#3 under seal (aka recorded in tamper-evident fashion)
  7. Energy forms the basis of property rights, whether a square patch of land entitled for solar generation, paying for rackspace bills via bitcoin, or exchange for access to cooperative infosphere (your metastate), up to skill (good luck) at constructing a perpetual motion machine (or zero-point energy). I’ll leave the ownership, boundary and exchange problems as exercise to the reader :sunny: as these define economic torts of theft, trespass and tainting (eg of reputation)
  8. Truth is the highest state where infosheres completely matches reality so any attempts to lie, distort or manipulate contents of infospheres may be subject to sanctions or self-help by originators
  9. To express one’s will, it is proper to have desires & aspirations, whether moral (outlaw death penalty) property (be as rich as BillyG) or smart/creative as daVinci. However, it is improper means to misappropriate, manipulate, or manage non-self#4 property#7 without following prior agreed rules (which could be common laws of piracy with consequential vulnerability to penalties#6)
  10. To achieve one’s aspirations#9, it is acceptable to use energy#7 but only under one’s will#3 within lifespan#2. Multiple self#1 can band together in voluntary association to achieve effectiveness & efficiency without distorting truth#8

So a video call is effectively a Turing Test, that the self#1 is self-sovereign and not artificial deepfake#8 or some legal shell. I’d like clarity on what you mean by tax since there are implications of a central authority which is in conflict with voluntary association#10.

The following are some thoughts that have emerged after thinking about this and discussing with a few others in more detail:

We need something bigger to unite this community around, not even that we need, we are evolving and this a natural progression.

MetaCartel grants giving incubator was a great starting focus for this community, lots of learning, mostly before my time though. The infrastructure we’re developing now is more focused on creating opportunities for DAO members to stay remote, capture opportunities, share value, sustain ourselves, strengthen and perhaps capitalize on the bond of trust built within the digital community (RaidGuild, MetaGame, MetaFactory et al)

A natural evolution would be to create some body for providing services to the members of the MetaState. We will need buy in from the orgs and the members they represent if we want bargaining power when it comes to things like healthcare providers, insurance coverage, etc. From a purchasing perspective the kinds of figures we would need to present to a provider would be substantial if we went down the services provider route.

A blue print for this MetaState should be outlined, co-created, and implemented virtually before we actually look at anything physical, we should have it working and integrated into all the projects under the Meta-umbrella who choose to be involved.

Then I would actually suggest we DO find somewhere to run this experiment, some land and some people to jump into a co-habitation space (Yurt village in the hills of Croatia ??? Coastal commune on the shores of Montenegro ???) I would be there in a heart-beat :heartbeat:

The idea could be something along the lines of a work-share program where some people live more full-time to maintain the space and others come and stay for periods of time working on something that benefits the community, be that digital or physical.
Over time we collect as much leanings as possible, we build strong physical bonds, allow all DAO members to partake in this immersive expereince and begin the process of reaching out to other international communities who “might” opt-in to our metastate model, pool resources with us via blockchain/ DAO methods ( many will need education on these things so we’ll have to develop a robust educational element in our community for new-comers/ new communities) If we have the infra setup in advance though and we are actively on the path to creating this “sovereign micro-nation or digi-physical nation” then I believe that will find resonance with other communities who are looking for this, In essence they become nodes in the network perhaps they even have physical locations that could act as hubs congregating and cross-pollinating these ideas into new local communities.

We need a lot more diversity of skill sets, we need teachers, carpenters, chefs, healthcare professionals, lawyers, we need literally everyone that a normal society might have but we need them to be aligned from a values perspective and we need some type of mechanisms to keep the level of trust high as we undergo the early stages of the experiment.

This may appear to be crazy talk to some of you but as we see nations fail, institutions crumble, and people searching for greater security/new options this will become a more viable route for exploration. In the famous words of Carlos Matos:

The WORLD is not anymore the way it used to be, mm mm MM, NO NO NOH!

Only this time we leave the global ponzi scheme behind…:grimacing:

  1. Lair(d) of the Rings … somewhere obscure anchored in NZ (one of islands?) where software patents is restricted by law …
  2. Principality of Hutt River - so long as you figure out a workaround the ghost-listening port of encryption legislation
  3. Republic of Molossia - repurpose defaced gambling chips as speculative coins
  4. old favorite of Sealand - if you can get tidal or wind turbine
  5. Anywhere in a safe jurisdiction where can generate electricity and store keys … cube sat launched from RocketLabs

There’s a big gap between legally ambiguous and comfortable to bring a partner to live (running hot water and sit down toilets). Apart from my personal bias, NZ is highly attractive as being the furtherest place from any virus with lowest absolute deaths and half-decent 1st world health system (also rated as one of most transparent economies)

And you’re not going to be the last to migrate … I believe Peter Thiel of Paypal Mafia has a nice ranch north of here.

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  • Build a resilient TCP/IPv6 public key hard infrastructure (independent of ICANN’t) with affordable global connectivity that would be cost-prohibitive to take down by any nation-state short of global thermonuclear war …
  • a labor coop / knowledge iwi that supports holiday visas (<30yrs) or skilled-talent - assuming a 2x4 day working week (24x7 devops) the entry tax is 6months full-time as designated summoner on pioneering tasks or 4 days a week part-time for year.
  • extension of Pharmac scheme to deliver subsidised medicines to qualified digital nomads anywhere within RCEP

Is it some coincidence that Molossia and Cascadia share the EXACT same flag design ?

NZ is beautiful, Iv’e been all over that country but honestly we’ll still need to travel and it would be prohibitively expensive to set up the main hub in a place so far from everything else. Anywhere in the EU would be much preferable IMO.

Seems like you’ve put some serious thought into this @drllau maybe we should setup a working group with @sydneylai as she sent me this Resource Guide last week which appears to be the starting point for her work ?


Hey y’all, I was testing a micronation build last year with Web2 investors. Here’s some notes from my experiment:

Building a Micronation - Sydney Lai


Create a decentralized micronation to provide basic human services.


Provide health insurance, online education, job training, UBI, digital citizenship.

Maternity and Paternity leave: USA and Papua New Guinea are the only countries in the world without maternity leave.


My personal motivation began as a freelancer not being able to afford American healthcare and wanting to form a union of freelancers to buy SMB healthcare through collective bargaining.

After the logistical motivations, I became inspired by the decades long struggle of Taiwan fighting to be recognized as an independent country on the world stage. Taiwan provides a passport, it’s on democracy and liberties however many nations do not recognize it’s independence. This emotional and generational pain to be recognized as an identity is also coupled with my childhood friends who are Hmong, a stateless people without a land to call their own.


I acquired citizenship at the micronation, Principality of Sealand and Taiwan (Republic of China).

Collaborated with Human Ventures, working with the Principal to test micronation services, worked on collective bargaining for homes and then wifi and right to internet access.


Four investors/donors expressed interest, 2 in CA, 1 in CO, 1 in Kosovo (Country founded in 2013)


Identified senior security officer interested in being cyber-defence or treasury defence, similar to a nation’s Department of Defence.

How to be recognized as a nation:

Write letter to Secretary General of UN and carry a Charter

Be recognized by the UN, Kosovo, Taiwan and other young or un-recognized States.


Create a sovereign wealth fund (like Norway) reinvest

Foreign Diplomacy

Recognized as a BCorp or Nonprofit

Next Steps

Identify the appropriate community to launch this with

Resources Blockchain

Resources Non-blockchain

How to start a micronation


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Let’s make a distinction between passport vs ordinarily resident vs tax residence

  1. The point of a passport is that country gives you the right of abode … no matter what, if disaster hits, the govt has to try and rescue you whether it is hijacking on planes or flying you out of disaster.
  2. Tax residence is where you have your business nexus to take advantage of various business resources (eg rule of law) or connections
  3. Ordinarily residence is usually what people consider, where they live, and normally consume … you can be tax resident in one country (eg Estonia e-residency) while living in another (eg UK).

However, let’s also put the restrictions in perspective … most countries object to base tax erosion, where you free-ride on the public goods but don’t pay your fair share of the costs. Hence usually they require >6months ordinary residence between allowing you tax residency. A lot of other countries worry about economic migrants so they prevent holiday visas or visits to 30-90 days. NZ in this context is a great bolt-hole … basically why one of the medical services is insurance for an evacuation in case of another occupy wall-street or covid-mutation.

As for working space, either you treat as holiday for digital nomad, making sure that all IP sticks to your tax residency, and just rent/lease space as needed.

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@supersnakemode this is so good.
Would love to work on this with you!!