Moloch Mystics v3 Building

Building a more modular moloch that balances extensibility with a simplistic core that’s easy for devs to customize and build upon.

Moloch v3 - The Modular Moloch

Moloch v1 was a simple, MVD for permissioned, grant-making communities. Moloch v2 emerged as a more flexible, but still relatively simple DAO framework that works especially well for grant-giving and venture investment. The recent v2x expanded Molochs to work better with tokenized communities and allow for features like having multiple summoners. Unfortunately, we’ve realized that we’ve reached the outer bounds of the Moloch’s capabilities using the current architecture.

In order to create a more extensible, modular moloch that can meet the growing demand for simple, yet customizable DAO’s, the community is coming together to build v3 that will use the more modular architecture outlined above. The v3 will still have a few core modules to manage the basics of a DAO to keep things simple. But this new architecture will also allow for these core modules to be extended and updated by “adapters” in order to meet the needs of a particular community. We believe this new approach achieves an optimal balance between simplicity and modularity.

We have already outline the architecture, core modules, and features, and have begun working on building the solidity code and tests to for the core modules and features. You can track our progress here:


We’re asking for $5K to pay for mini-audits and overhead during this initial phase of development. With this grant we hope to have well-tested core modules and a few common, adapters built and also tested.


The team is made up of many MetaCartel members and represents the joint efforts of team members from DAOhaus, OpenLaw, LexDAO, Peeps, Abridged, Snapshot, and several others.