Moloch V2 lightweight onboarder

Moloch V2 lightweight onboarder

It’s an open-source web3.0 enabled dApp “onboarder” for new Moloch V2 DAO and it’s forks. Allows people to quickly get proposal submissions (and convert tokens / approval) in a easy to follow user interface.

"Build a Moloch V2 DAO quickly - get tokens approved, proposals submitted, and shareholders in the queue in a simple wizard flow"


As BlockRocket we did the testing for the Moloch V2 ( and had a good understanding of the power of the new improved Moloch.

During this process we realised the subtle changes on how you onboard shareholders and that a dApp would be required to aid this process as using etherscan and one-click-dapp can be cumbersome for even the crypto-natives.

We used the new meta-cartel ventures DAO as a testing ground and first MVP of the product. <<< code <<< first instance

Why this is useful and exciting?

DAOs are cool but a little tricky to understand. We want to help with the tooling so the next innovators can quickly spin up dApp and get things moving. This is not a full DAO solution, more an onboarder but we have built in automated processes like ETH to wETH conversion and approvals to make the multi-step process easier to understand the follow.

This dApp is in VueJs and is simple to install and run with NodeJs and NPM.

It uses common libs like web3 connect and BlockNative’s notifications to aid the user experience.

Our Progress

  • MVP implementation complete and ready to fork!


  • Testing with MCV DAO
  • Improvement README and documentation
  • Enhancements to show proposals in flight and post proposal information
  • Hardening

We don’t want to over-cook this puppy but some effort now should mean this has usefulness for others and survives as an another tool in the DAO Ops armoury :crossed_swords:

Funding Proposal

We have done considerable effort to get this out in it’s current state and are asking for approx $1200 (7 shares) to cover completed effort and complete the tasks above to make this slick and production ready for us and others.

Andy Gray
BlockRocket / KnowOrigin / DAOsaka


Great job on this! Thanks for coming through :pray:

Let’s call this project ‘Wizard’ @awaygray

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