Moloch V3: codename Baal👹

Here we suggest a funding proposal for the team building Moloch V3, With its focus on supporting communities and comparatively simple construction, Moloch V2 has ushered in a growing ecosystem of DAOs. As the Moloch community has grown and experimented with the possibilities created by V2, we have learned more about what works well, what’s not needed, and what would be useful to further expand what is possible with Molochs.

Team consists of @vengist @spengrah @Dekan @Ross and other trusted members of the community.

We would like to see the Gitcoin grant they have funded (💰 MolochV3 (codename: Baal) | Grants | Gitcoin) the Paladin multi-sig safe has about 12 ETH in it. I suggest we donate 1.5 ETH to their grant directly and reimburse the Paladin safe from the DAO treasury.

As Gnosis safes cannot donate directly to project on Gitcoin I take it on myself to steward the funds into the grant. As we received unanimous support for this during todays Townhall I am going to execute this proposal now.

Here is the address they have listed for contributions: 0x9B5AaCbC71feaF52B8F73dEf00B56e0Fd875f2A5

Etherscan txn link will be posted soon :link:


Funds sent to Grant, confirmation txn Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan