Ode Node: Revolutionizing the Poetry Industry through Blockchain Technology

Description: The Ode Node project aims to utilize blockchain technology to revolutionize the poetry industry by creating a niche digital artifact marketplace for poets to sell their works, offering educational classes turned into limited edition digital artifacts, tools for building a poet’s community, and rewarding fans who support poets’ success. We will also offer virtual and in-person poetry readings and events, making us a one-stop-shop for everything poetry.

Manifesto/Vision: We believe that poetry is a valuable and important form of expression that should be accessible to everyone. We also believe that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way that creative industries operate, by providing a more secure and decentralized platform for creators to share and monetize their work. There are 28 million active poetry readers in the U.S. alone. Our vision is to create a sustainable and profitable poetry industry that benefits both creators and readers alike.

Problem: The poetry industry is currently very niche and unprofitable. The cost of physical publication and the lack of a sales pipeline make it difficult for poets to make a living from their work. Additionally, mainstream culture often dismisses poetry as irrelevant and outdated. Poets are not getting paid, in order to make a sustainable craft business.

Solution: Ode Node’s blockchain-based platform will provide a digital artifact marketplace where poets can sell their work directly to readers, cutting out the middleman and reducing costs. We will also provide educational classes, community-building tools, reward metrics, and virtual events to help poets grow their fan base and monetize their work. By tapping into the existing community of poetry readers and promoting blockchain adoption, we believe that Ode Node can create a sustainable and profitable poetry industry.

Product: Ode Node will build a niche digital artifact marketplace, that can mint, buy, sell and transfer NFTs, and sort them into collections, and users. We will form a DAO on DaoHaus in order to receive grant money. We will implement the LENS protocol to build our community social network.

Validation: Launch OdeNode Marketplace on Polygon. Set up DAOHaus. Implement LENS.

Progress: Launched Buidl Week at ETHDenver2023 have developed a proof of concept for the digital artifact marketplace and are in the process of building the platform. We have also started to build a network of poets who are interested in partnering with us.

Differentiation: Ode Node is unique because we are the first to combine blockchain technology with the poetry industry. We offer a one-stop-shop for everything poetry, including a digital artifact marketplace, educational classes, community-building tools, and reward metrics. Our focus on sustainability and accessibility sets us apart.

Team: Our team consists of experienced developers, marketers, and poets who are passionate about both poetry and blockchain technology. We have the necessary skills and expertise to successfully launch and grow Ode Node.

Grant Request $: We are requesting a grant of $10,000 to help fund the development and launch of our platform. These funds will be used to cover development costs, marketing expenses, and operational expenses.

Additional Resources: We are open to partnerships with organizations that share our vision and can offer support in terms of funding, marketing, and networking.

https://odenode.vercel.app/ (partially working)

Greetings MetaCartel! Our project emerged during Buidl Week at ETHDenver 2023, and we’re excited to keep developing it to ensure poets receive fair compensation. We’d love to know if this initiative aligns with MetaCartel’s funding interests.

Ode Node’s Creed, Poets Succeed!!

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I’m co-founder of this project and am really excited about this project. I’ve been developing my career as a poet for 13 years organizing community around art and working festivals.

Web3 technology has the ability to completely revolutionize the poetry industry and revive it from the ashes.

This is a very unique opportunity that is ripe for success. If it doesn’t happen now with this platform it’s only a matter of time till someone does it.

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