[OrochiDAO] Call for ideas of "The year of DAOs" event content

Hello guys. I just secured the event for “The year of DAOs”

Date: 6th Oct (2~6pm)
Place: Central Osaka [To be announced]
Description: Now that all the major DAO frameworks (Aragon, Moloch, DaoStack, and Colony) are on mainnet, we want to celebrate the success of the many DAOs by having an evening session inviting they key members of each DAO and talk about their projects as well as how we can collaborate to strengthen the DAO communities.
Focus: I would like to focus what you can do with DAO using tools and frameworks available right now rather than talking about what could be possible which tend to become very abstract.

Call for content and speakers: I was initially thinking about having a few panel sessions but now have longer time slot so we have some design space to plan the event. If you have any speakers/moderators you want us to invite or specific topics which you want to hear (which goes in line with the Focus section described), please write down in the comment.


Would love to see the Odyssy team (@vengist + co.) and the DAO Haus team share their experience in designing the UX for the Moloch DAO framework.


We’d be down. Also maybe provide a lay of the land for the Haus of Moloch.

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Maybe since the focus is on what you can do with DAO(s) now, maybe also launch one with DAOHaus.

Talk idea: Old and New “TheDAO” talk

From Unchained podcast “Why Ryan Zurrer Would Like to See a New DAO” Rayn Zurrer (currently proposing new The DAO) brings up an episode when he talked to Christoph Jentzch about the DAO and get his blessing. Wondering if they can replicate the discussion about what lessons Christoph (or anyone involved deeply into The DAO project then) learnt through The DAO incident.

Suggested speakers

  • Rayn Zurrer
  • Christoph Jentzch
  • Griff Green

I’d love to see a presentation with the different incentives models, their main characteristics, use cases and pros & cons.

Do you suggest any speakers for the topic?

What are some of the ideas we have for how NFTs could be used. Had a quick chat with https://mintbase.io/ on how it might work.

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Multiple platforms partnering to accept the same NFT for different things. Say a ticket to an event also gets you a free coffee across the street or day at a co-working space in Osaka or make you run faster in an RPG game. Everyone writing their own little redeemer mechanism either on central servers or decentralized if that’s needed. I just like the idea of an interoperable assets non needing permission form the minter or minting platform to do whatever they want.

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thats an interesting idea. So we will have a booth at Rise of the Molochs and one idea floating around was a whiskey tasting.

maybe some kind of NFT scavenger hunt for talking to each sponsor. if you collect them all you get a prize. people may team up or collude but that seems ok

maybe a bounty type of thing where the person that mints the most orochi NFTs gets a prize. but that could be gamed