Paladin Token Treasury

We the Paladins are proposing a sell of some of the treasury into DAI while ETH prices are pumping. This proposal failed because the amount of DAI in the DAO was short of the required amount, plus all our grantees seem to be requesting their funds in DAI so it makes sense we should buy into DAI for somewhere between $20k - $40K

At todays price that would be about 50 wETH all in favor of allowing the Paladins to take on this exchange process say “aye” we will also subtract the cost of this failed proposal to cover the paladin budget

We suggest using the Paladin Multi-sig which has @Sky @vengist @puniaviision @yalor and others.

Thoughts ?

Option 2:
The BetterXchange:
MC DAO member sends 555 DAI to DAO and, at same time, enters a proposal to receive 1 WETH tribute. That’s all - that’s the BetterXchange.

(* Each member may play up to 3 WETH.)

Benefits to MC DAO:

  • DAO gets DAI immediately (faster than one Bitcoin block)
  • HausDAO stats improved
  • Team building
  • Trustless - DAO does not need to trust anyone
  • Fully Decentralized - NO use of Multisig wallet
  • Fun
  • Sustainable
  • Smart risk management
  • DAO’s risk is distributed away
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sign me up for 1665!


im in for 1665 as well if this is the way we want to go