Partnering with RaidGuild to support the Season 6 Apprentice Cohort

Hey Metacartelians,

I’m extending this informal proposal/discussion topic on behalf of the RaidGuild :crossed_swords: crew, of which I am a contributor. We are certainly all already familiar with the legacy of this noble service DAO and the value they generate for the regen movement. RG and MC are closely connected and reciprocally generate an extraordinary amount of value for each other and everyone around us.

RaidGuild is soon embarking on its 6th season of an apprentice cohort, an initiative designed to attract and nurture new talent for the community. This program combines a unique DAO onboarding experience with a dynamic online hackathon and networking opportunity, providing a solid pathway into Web3 work with a focus on regen values.

By structuring our program into cohorts, we provide a highly focused training environment that fosters collaboration, peer-learning, and community spirit. This approach has already produced impressive results, with former participants becoming full-fledged RaidGuild members, starting their own companies, or contributing to renowned organizations like Gitcoin, Bankless DAO, EF, and MetaMask. Our commitment to transparency and integrity aligns with the ethos of public goods and intentional growth.

RaidGuild is seeking funding to continue providing top-tier mentorship and resources to our cohort participants. Metacartel’s support of 2Ξ will directly influence the development of future Web3 leaders and innovators who will contribute significantly to the direction of the whole ecosystem.

Please consider joining us in this (ad)venture. Together, we can continue fostering the development of a quality talent pool for the whole community, a public good that benefits all. For more details about the cohort, check out our State of the Raid newsletter.

I am currently gathering a temperature check for this initiative and proposing it as a discussion topic for our next town hall. Thank you for considering the request. Feel free to @ or DM me with any questions.



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