Proposal: An open-source anthology of stories about DAOs

Creator/Writer: Rika Goldberg

Sponsor: Yalor Tackson


  • Use the power of storytelling to spread positive messages about DAOs
  • Create a flywheel to attract more good people, crypto natives and crypto adjacents (community builders, freelancers, indie workers) into the DAO ecosystem

Description: We are asking for a grant to write and publish a storytelling series on DAOs. Our goal is to craft a cohesive narrative about DAOs. Each story will stand on its own - one DAO per story - but a common thread will be weaved, along with a summary and lessons learned.

The Work: I will facilitate interviews with DAO teams to get first-hand accounts of where they’ve been and where they’re going. I will also conduct research on each DAO using second-hand sources like articles, blog posts, videos, and media narratives.

Funding Request: $4,000 DAI/story paid by each DAO. Payment to be made preferably in DAI but will also consider DAO’s token.

Impact: Increase membership and adoption by painting a picture of DAOs that is less mysterious, less clicky, and more digestible for mainstream audiences.

DAO Targets: MetaCartel, MetaGamaDelta, MetaFactory, Panvala, Gitcoin, DAOhaus, RaidGuild, 1Hive, MetaCred, et al

Process: Metacartel will be written about first, followed by other DAOs, in no particular order. DAOs will have access to all previously published stories. The initial goal is to write 1 story/month.

Why start with Metacartel:

Metacartel is the first fork of MOLOCH and so it has a rich history. By asking for a small grant from MC we hope to get the support of the members and the signal that this creative storytelling is valuable to the rest of the ecosystem. The sustainability of the project will focus on collective fundraising from each DAO that is featured in the book.

Writing Portfolio

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Personally I think this is a great initiative, we don’t have enough community content creators, people speaking about DAO, talking about the impact that they have. @rika.sukenik6 is already a DAO member and a highly qualified writer, I think this series could provide a lot of relatability for the broader community and I believe we could get this published through our distribution partners to help spread awareness about DAOs and the impact that they are already having.

This proposal has 2 thumbs up from me :call_me_hand:t3:


I love this idea!!! In fact, I’ve been laying the foundations to start a DAO entirely dedicated to this mission (but maybe a little more expansive). It will be dedicated to telling relatable/accessible human stories about the power of DAOs and how they will play a part in the complete transformation of human civilization. Showing people what a decentralized future looks like so it’s relatable and human so people have a visceral understanding of the concepts rather than trying to “educate” people and explain it.

The DAO will be a trans-media storytelling organization dedicated to the above mission. The community will fund, write, and produce: movies, TV shows, podcasts, comic books, fiction books, etc. and leverage existing distribution channels to get them out to the world. Revenue produced will go back to the community to compensate members for their contribution as well as be used to fund more the production of more stories. That’s it in a nutshell.

I’ve been thinking about this idea for the last decade in one form or another but it wasn’t till I attended MCON that I realized the organization should be a DAO and essentially be the organization that collectively write the story of the future of humanity.

I’m looking to start team-building, writing the DAO charter/manifesto, organizational documentation, and start securing some funding ASAP. Anyway, would love to connect with you Rika and chat more about this shared vision. Maybe we can work on it together!


Hey Clavion, welcome to the community! Your project sounds very exciting and I love your enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to connecting with you later!

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@rika.sukenik6 would love to chat with you about LSDAO

We are onboarding/educating/empowering/equipping non web3 native creators into the space. HaveANiceDay is our first project (two more in the pipeline). We have a cool genesis story. So far we are completely word of mouth driven.


Awesome! Keep up the good work. Let’s chat later. I’d love to hear about your DAO.

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i Like your vision to write the story of the future of humanity.

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Thanks! It’s clearly a big challenge to take on. I’ll do my best with the help of our community :slight_smile: