PROPOSAL: Chess. Crypto. Cultivation

End Game Association X The Cyber Panther Party Presents:

Chess. Crypto. Cultivation
LOCATION: McNichols Civic Center Building (Denver, CO)
ADDRESS: 144 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80202
DATE & TIME: October 1st, 2021 (6PM - 9PM MST)

OUR VISION: We empower the culture with resources & education through strategic development that propel us in the social, economical, business and political realms. Our mission is to inspire those we encounter. We create strategies for marginalized communities to become self-determined. End Game Association’s (EGA) vision and reach expands far beyond the competitive chess board. After the success of our prior chess tournaments, EGA has continued to position themselves alongside creative visionaries, committed community liaisons and resource-rich stakeholders. EGA is not only about seizing the opportunity to empower our communities financially from NFT’s & Crypto, but to also acquire and disseminate knowledge and training around the subjects at our chess tournaments in physical spaces to further nurture the intimate bond that makes us a local community.

STATEMENT OF INTENT: End Game Association will facilitate one monthly project for 3 months to bring more artists into the DeFi community to explore innovative collaborations between physical artists and blockchain technology. We would like to host our 5th chess tournament at McNichols Civic Center Building, located in Denver, CO. Through strategic community gatherings, we organize artists, activists, creatives, civic minded people, educators & entrepreneurs with various experiences to navigate through life with strategy. We provide programs that include: art, chess, financial literacy, youth mentoring & access to resources for those in need. We aspire to influence leaders that are driven to make a difference. EGA is truly helping to establish themselves by becoming part of Denver’s rapidly emerging/evolving fin-tech ecosystem. We are inviting 16 artists in which we would be minting NFTs of custom chess boards that are ready to be minted. There are currently 6 boards ready to be minted. The artists will also create a canvas piece live at the event, and those pieces would also be minted on the blockchain. The games of the chess tournament will be captured live on video & photo and could also be minted on the blockchain. We would also like to invite more artists to customize & submit their custom chess boards so that we could mint them & also pay them for their production time & artistry.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The CyberPanther Party is a generative art NFT project with a focus on activism built using ERC721 and governed through DAO code. There are a total of 10,000 Panthers that are randomly generated using a verified script. Although there are different levels of rarity, all the NFTs allow the members to become members of the party. With so much representation of the cyberpunks movement, we felt like civil rights and human rights movements are not being represented in our crypto communities. These historic movements need to be represented and honored on the blockchain. After all, we all need our rights to be honored. Activism is usually targeted by big corporations and corrupt people that want to oppress others. This is a main reason why making our party on the blockchain using DAO methods is a revolutionary way to make sure our voices will never be silenced or censored. This project is created to bring and highlight the struggle for civil and human rights for people of color and all of those who are oppressed. Members of the party have a lot of benefits. Those include, but are not limited to, 1 vote per wallet for DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), access to the Activist Bail Fund, Scholarships, Grants, Exclusive Merch, as well as access to the Chapter (an art canvas that members can draw on). Add on, the NFT will act as an admission ticket to real life physical events as well as virtual ones. 50% of the original sales from the NFT will be locked for the Panthers Fund in a publicly disclosed wallet address, which is the pool of liquidity for the perks mentioned above.

CORPORATE SPONSORS: ARC Revolution Crypto, Audius, BLVC MRKT, The Cyber Panther Party, Denver Arts & Venues,False Ego, FVRD, Generational Venture Partners, IRL Art, Lawrence & Larimer Clothing, Limelite 360 Photo Booth, Lunar Plus, Make a Chess Move, McNichols Civic Center Building, Park Hill Financial District, RobTheArtMuseum, UniqueOne


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Have you heard of Nifty Chess ? Might be a good collab opportunity for you with @joseph and @PatrickG from

I would defer to them on this, but also I think the grant request is a little high considering this is supposed to be one chess event per month right ?

@0xJoshua you know stuff about chess, what are your thoughts on this ?

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@Yalor – Thanks for the response! We are working on gamifying these NFTs, we will definitely reach out to Niftychess @joseph & . The amount we are requesting covers venue costs, live entertainment costs & paying the artists for their work/time/travel to produce the chess boards (digital & physical) that we are putting on the blockchain. We are also needing to hire 3 digital architects to build out our cryptovoxel parcel of our digital exhibition.

To clarify, we aren’t hosting one chess tournament each month, that’d be a much more significant amount of funding as we currently do not have our own facility, except for when IRL Art is so kind to open their doors to us. We are working on this event which is project 1, our virtual space which is project 2, and a sustainability project in April 2022.

EndgameAssociation will be helping SporkDAO host the chess tournament at MCON as a pilot for ETHDenver. Had a few conversations with them and the mission/vision is awesome. The scope does feel collaborative and complimentary to NiftyChess, but I believe they are focused on different things. I do stand in support of this proposal. It looks like it’ll be $3333 per event (3 over 3 mo) and the funds would be used to help support the artists. I’m interested in hearing the presentation.

@0xJoshua @Yalor – Looking forward to our dialogue to go over the approval & thank you for consideration!

@0xJoshua — It was a pleasure meeting you at Mcon and sitting down with you to play some chess. We wanted to follow up on the grant request that we discussed. — you had mentioned to follow up with @Yalor but I didn’t catch him while he was there.

Wanted to follow up here, this project seems like a cool opportunity to create some community cohesion yet the grant request is to steep for us.

We would like to counter offer $1000 to help support the execution of one chess tournament and see how it goes, if that is still interesting to you guy’s let’s move forward with getting your grant proposal up. It will take about 10 days to clear.

Thanks for bringing this proposal in @endgameassociation

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Absolutely, we are certainly interested and thankful for the counter offer. We will accept the support of $1000 USD, what are the next steps to take?

Good Day! The event was a success. Just following up on next steps.

Good Morning, Ser. Just checking in on the status of this proposal.

Please check with your sponsor, @0xJoshua in this case, he can help you make a DAO proposal for the funds.