Proposal: DeCartography - Social Graph powered by the wisdom of the crowd


We have developed a tool that allows users to construct social graph powered by people’s assumptions and measure social distance.

The tool will be the Consumer to DAO platform business, and DAO will input a group of addresses into DeCartography.
This will divide the tasks into simple tasks for each crowd-worker, providing work to them. End users, the crowd-workers, will be paid for completing the tasks, and we will collect a fee for providing the data for DAO.

  • The tool will function as a data source (although processing may take several days) and will be able to determine the “degree of separation” between a specified group of addresses and a specified address.

A potential use case for this is a platform that uses Quadratic Funding, where DeCartography’s provided social distance values could potentially be incorporated into voting power to reduce the impact of collusive attacks on the matching pool.


With the advent of the era of plurality, services will be provided based on the on-chain history possessed by each individual.

  • Instead of the binary opposition of “bot or human,” we will arrive at the question of “uniqueness.” By nature, bots are not easily unique, but it could be interesting to treat a unique bot as an individual. Identity should be a continuous value that represents uniqueness.

To analyze them, DeCartography provides a collaborative platform on the Internet.

By using the internet to divide labor, we can create more valuable data. Cryptocurrencies enable “beam money” which accelerate coordination.

Essentially, this is “Proof-of-(Human) Work” as a validator. so unlike CEX which currently dominate the crypto market, DeCartography can allow end users to earn small amounts of ETH without the need for KYC checks, lowering the barrier to entry for onramps and taking a significant step towards mass adoption.

This can fix the current dependency of cryptocurrencies on CEX.

In the long term, human labor will disappear due to AI.
Until then, the only thing humans should do is train machine learning data. By using a prediction market structure for data input, we can produce higher-quality data.


currently, the Ethereum Foundation (EF) is distributing grants to expand the crypto ecosystem, and teams that hold large amounts of ETH are also investing in public goods to “raise the floor on ETH’s value.” Among these efforts, I think Gitcoin is leading the way.

They are exploring ways to distribute funds to public goods, and Quadratic Funding (QF) is part of that effort. QF support projects that are supported by a broader community and they already distributed $70 million to OSS project.

However, they must have measures in place to prevent sybil attacks. In addition, there is still uncertainty about how to prevent collusion, as Vitalik has proposed “Pairwise coordination subsidies: a new quadratic funding design,” but there is no concrete plan yet. There are costs associated with Gitcoin’s efforts to prevent sybil attacks, and if they continue to do this, they will need to find a more network-effective method to avoid spending an infinite amount of money.


The solution is to use social distance from the social graph to adjust voting power based on the people who are donating to the project.
In fact, there are services that automatically create social graphs from transactions, but what if these Analysis indicators are hacked? Perhaps it would be better to completely abandon these Analysis indicators.
DeCartography is a service that can construct social graphs by aggregating people’s assumptions.




Experiment with Gitcoin as Proof-of-Concept


Building MVP
Since the amount of calculation will increase in the future, researching a new version


The differentiation of DeCartography is that it is a social graph based on people, and its coverage will expand through network effects. This wisdom-of-the-crowd-based oracle can contribute to end-user onramp.


As an engineer, I would like to raise $1 million to employ other engineers and operate a cloud worker platform.
There is a time lag between payments and revenue for these services, so I plan to collect the funds from Investment DAOs and VC that can invest in public goods.
And I would like to raise the full amount of $10,000 USD from MetaCartel.


We can provide SDKs for major wallets such as Argent and Metamask to allow users to complete tasks for a short period of time (e.g. 20 minutes) without gas fees in order to charge their accounts.
We would like to collaborate with these platforms. Our ultimate goal is to create a hyperstructure and focus on decentralization.

We would like to work with the Ethereum Foundation and other organizations to achieve the next billion and welcome ideas and suggestions for resources that we may not have considered.

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