[Proposal] Future Productions

Future Productions
Users directly govern “public works” by committing money or work toward the future production they want.

Real world products and sources are distributed late. Causing economic catastrophes such as gluts and in-equal distribution.

The For Product business model and development strategy uses land ownership and work agreements to insure the future production of any product.

Our special Terms of Operations remixes patterns found in crypto-currency, rewards-based crowdfunding, mutual-credit barter, time-banking barter, profit sharing and the GNU GPL copyright license to enable direct governance and imperfect insurance of any predictable good or service.

Our DAO asks for real-estate listings then issues 1 Coin for each 1 square foot (ft²) of each listing, then sells those coins to buy that land, with minimum bid set to 75% of the raised money

Once all Coins of one listing are sold, the DAO buys that Land and holds it for now.

Users prepay for goods and services to request future production.

For each good or service, the DAO asks for a recipe* describing the Land, Work and Time required for that production.

Users sign work agreements to bind their own future work as payment.

The DAO vests Land Ownership to Users who complete Work Agreements.

Users own that land to own those future products without purchase.

When Users own land For Product, they own those future goods without purchase.

When Users trade and hold Work Agreements, they own those future services without purchase.

Production must be diverse enough to supply food, shelter, sanitation, health-care, transportation, communication, etc. for all on-site owners.

Our small team has been working on the theory of this project for over 20 years. In the past 3 years we have been dipping into small time marketing and funding.

Bitcoin is limited in issuance by algorithmic difficulty and distributed to those who ‘mine’ each block.

The earthChange coin is limited in issuance by the number of square feet (ft²) of land to be purchased and distributed by selling those coins to buy that land.

This land is used to create a series of permacultured, private micro-cities under the direct control of those Users. Plants and animals are carefully integrated to supply housing, food, medicine, soap and clothing onsite.

We are asking for support. Our idea is a vast scaleable project and we are having trouble getting the word out.

We believe if we can get large enough following, then all the funds needed can come from crowdfunding. Our rewards system is based on reduced cost, time delayed product distribution.

We need to build a DAO, three ledger systems, and a fungible coin to begin implementing this production system. We have been working on getting our Discord up and running.

Patrick T Anderson: Senior Software Engineer and self-declared Economic Systems Architect fomenting a GNU organizational form using a special Terms of Operation applied to land ownership and work contracts. LinkedIn

Henry P Anderson: Web designer and social media goon in training. Currently working with Wix, Canva, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch.

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