Proposal: Minty, a DAO hub for collector DAOs

Minty, a hub for collector DAOs

Crowd fund, collect, and manage pools of asset-backed NFTs with the Minty DAO platform. Minty is a DAO platform that makes it easy for users to create secure asset pools for the purpose of crowdfunding, sharing, pooling assets, and licensing.


We envision a future where anyone could pool money and assets around a shared strategy.

  • Passionate collectors can leverage larger capital pools to build collections.
  • Passive investors can get exposure to investments while learning more about the space.
  • Museums can offer their members and patrons an opportunity to join a DAO that holds the museum’s art.


There is no easy way to create and manage pools of physical collectibles and art. Because of this, the power of NFTs and DAO governance is lost on most people. Not only are most people excluded from the buying and selling of these novel instruments, but they are also unable to leverage their tangible assets to participate in the DeFi world.


Minty makes it easy to securely participate in these pools by:

  • Creating NFTs for verified and secured physical assets
  • Providing tools for easy governance and management of asset DAOs
  • Enabling governance-based decision making on asset allocation strategies

With the NFTs created on Minty’s platform, individuals and DAOs can also use emerging DeFi solutions for leverage, diversification, and more.


Minty provides services to DAOs including:

  • Asset acquisition (on & off chain channels), curation, and NFT minting
  • Pooled insurance for collections, both for smart contract security and physical security
  • A network of trusted physical custody services
  • Easy framework for launching new collections
  • A hub for finding collections individuals want to join

DAOs created on Minty will be members in a DAO of DAO structure to get access to these services

In the future we intend to help develop cross chain bridges so DAOs can manage assets wherever they are minted.

What success looks like

  • Minty V1 will consist of DAOs of asset-backed collectibles curated and sourced by Minty directly. Users can participate in these initial DAOs. It also allows those DAOs to create “wishlists” of potential assets that DAO members can vote on.
  • DAOs will be built on Polygon using the DAOHaus framework, and custom minion contracts, built in collaboration with other DAOs.
  • Minty is the trusted technology and legal platform for asset-backed NFTs
  • At least 10 DAOs of asset-backed NFT collections are created and funded using Minty at launch


~250 collectibles in our vault with corresponding NFTs, value ranging from ~$1k → $150K per item

~5000+ collectibles in the minting pipeline

Access to >$1MM of collectibles and art from the founding team, >$100MM including investors and advisors

Currently using the product to build out a Pokemon Series 1 PSA 10 complete collection

Initial DAO launched on Polygon
Not open to the public until legal framework is fully in place.

Technical platform is being built in collaboration with other DAOs to enable this tooling to be accessible for any DAO.

Completed phase 1 of our project in collaboration with DAOHaus to enable NFT collecting boosts


Existing alternative asset investing platforms (Masterworks, Rally, Collectable) do not solve the information asymmetry problem. While they lower the barrier to entry using fractionalization, the buyer still needs to make an educated decision on what to buy, and if the offering is actually a good investment.

These existing platforms also have a supply issue. They rely on a central body to acquire assets.

Minty solves each of these problems:

  • Barrier to entry - Can buy into a DAO with any amount of money, or even contribute collectibles & art in exchange for shares
  • Information asymmetry - Join a DAO with experts in specific verticals with aligned financial interests
  • Supply - Open minting channel & custody services for any members


Isaac Patka (

  • 2021 winner of NFTX & Rarible NFTHack prizes for creating novel NFT drop platform ‘Mystery Drop’
  • 2019 winner of Dapper Labs “EthNewYork” hackathon for fractionalizing Crypto Kitty NFTs & creating a game to compete for shares of the underlying NFTs
  • Blockchain development & decentralized protocol design since 2017
  • Regular speaker at Ethereum Devcon & “EthGlobal” conferences on Decentralized Identity, DeFi, Transaction scaling

Geoffrey Arone (

  • Co-founder & LP, Arrington XRP Capital
  • SVP of Global Products & Chief Scientist, Experian Consumer
  • Founder/CEO SafetyWeb: Consumer-focused online safety
  • Co-founder ‘social web browser’ Flock: ~20MM downloads

Brian Lee (

  • Marketing, Insights, and Data Strategy roles at Experian
  • Licensed attorney

Grant Request

5,000 DAI


We have raised some money already, so the purpose of this grant is not as much financial, as it is a way to align with and learn from the MetaCartel community. If granted, we would use the funds to pay developers, and infrastructure costs. We would also be open to matching grants with other DAOs on collaborative projects.


Identifying collaboration opportunities with other DAOs.

Developing our community strategy.

Developing our DAO of DAOs structure, and figuring out how to integrate that with larger hubs like DAOHaus.

Additional Resources

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Some more relevant links:

Mainnet minting pipeline is up and running - Minty Genesis Collection Marketplace on OpenSea: Buy, sell, and explore digital assets

New landing page up at

We have discussed this and are happy to offer Minty a single share membership, and 1337 $CHILI coins as a signal of our support for the project.

Let’s process your membership proposal :shield: