Proposal: Saints and Sinners

Title: Saints and Sinners

Description: We are an NFT community focused on large-scale crypto-economic games on chain.

Manifesto/Vision: We want to build an NFT community focused on large-scale crypto-economic games on chain. All economic games have two outcomes: some participants can strategically win part of the treasury, or the treasury is diverted to a voted-upon directive aligned with the DAO’s growth. These games take the form of prisoner’s dilemmas, ultimatum games, or auction-style voting games.

Product Value: Economic games are an entertaining way to place stakes on DAO growth and build long-term NFT communities. See our wiki here and our website: Here is our deck.

Validation: We are still building.

Progress: We are still building.

Differentiation: We are building out a technically differentiated system for economic games using NounsDAO inspired auction mechanics and validated social experiments from economic game theory.

Team: Rishab Gargeya (expected B.S./M.S. in CS (concentration in crypto) from Stanford 2022), Sohan Vichare (expected B.S. in Math, M.S. in CS 2023 from Stanford)

Grant Request $: $8,000 to support the creation and rollout of Saints and Sinners. Money will go toward art creation and community events.

Help: Contact @

Additional Resources: Contact @

Looking for any and all feedback!

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Super cool! kinda feels like Wargames, but for NFTs. :eyes: @Dekan

Thanks, Helmass! We’re hoping each game we run can bring together some interesting folks that care about social impact.

We’ll be putting up more information about our art and first game later this week at our website. Stay tuned! :grin: :grin: