Proposal: Strictly Ballein - Virtual DJ Live Stream Event

Greetings MetaCartel family!

Vandal here back with another proposal for support for our coming weekly virtual DJ live stream event.

Kicking off in December, we are looking to launch a weekly virtual event to support the struggling global DJ community and bring a wider and more diverse virtual party to our Web3 community!

Please find the proposal here -

We have DAOrecords, the Whale Community and DJcity Japan, Malaysia & Singapore already on board!



50 DAI a week sponsorship for setting up these virtual DJ events in the MetaSpace sounds fun. I’d say we fund 5 weeks worth - Or something ($250 DAI). Then get an update on the impact & level of engagement! :loud_sound:


+1 this :point_up_2: let’s get a proposal on chain @Vandal ! Where will you be dropping the live links for these events also ?

Hey y’all I kinda lost track of the emails that came in for the comments. Will be sharing the event info on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and our Discord server. I’m sharing in the MetaCartel server as well :slight_smile: Oh and on Cent!

That’s awesome! 5 weeks is a great help and will allow us to establish a recap (monthly) as we move to schedule January. Will report on impact and engagement!