Proposal: Swollet - The Financial Empowerment Platform focused on gamifying financial education and providing on-chain credentials


The Financial Empowerment Platform focused on gamifying financial education and providing on-chain credentials.


Youngsters have no clue how money works. The reason?

  • Lack of financial education at school
  • Financial online courses are boring
  • Course completion rate is 10% across the entire industry


So we gamify financial education. Universities provide education content, Swollet creates gamification and distributes content via mobile app. Users learn by playing, and they receive their NFT certificate upon course completion.



  • Play and learn about financial literacy
  • Challenge friends with our fantasy trading game
  • Receive your NFT credentials upon course completion
  • Interact with our in-app community
  • Redeem our tokens for scholarships or discounts


Swollet launched an alpha version in September 2022. The initial deployment operated as a proof-of-concept to validate the hypothesis that game-based learning actually works. The experimental design proved functional.

While technically functional, the alpha revealed a significant number of opportunities for improvements, including:

  • Course completion flow - we have developed a course management system which will automatically get raw content and convert it to gamified content.
  • Fantasy trading game - we will implement portfolio battles and we need to figure out a way to combine this with the educational content.

Each of these innovations have been rolled into a completely new version of Swollet, which is currently in the final stages of development, along with a brand new, more content rich UI.


  • We get the content from top academic institutions (real accredited universities)
  • We have previously developed a private server for an online game attracting 800+ daily active players
  • Our CTO, former school teacher for many years, has extensive interactive teaching experience
  • We are bringing out competitiveness among players by gamifiying the educational content

Partnerships: National College of Ireland, Polygon DAO, NEAR Foudation
Grants & Investments: Enterprise Ireland, Polygon DAO, NEAR Foundation, angel investment
MVP: 150 testers


9,500 DAI & your support


Swollet has taken 0 funding to date. It has all been built out of pocket and through generous early contributions from our friend Georgios Tzoumakas .

The requested funds will serve as a bridge to launch the a version so we can start generating some revenue in order to be sustainable. Expenses include:

  • Design and branding - proposal from Anton Hurskyi
  • Product development - proposal by Eleftherios Laliotis
  • NFT certificates smart contracts deployment - proposal by Ali Riza Dagli

None of this grant will be retained by the core team members. It will be spent immediately to get the product closer to shipping.


We would like to invite any and all community members who are interested in contributing to reach out in the comments below or on discord. Swollet needs to be a community owned educational institution and we are happy to reward community members with governance tokens and additional funding in exchange for contributions. Current tasks in the pipeline include:

  • Solidity contributions, code review, or audits.
  • UX Design to review or contribute to the figma boards and Swollet-interface codebase

Furthermore, in the event this proposal is passed and Swollet opens a Community Contribution Offering, MetaCartel members will be included in the whitelist of contributors.


  • Eleftherios Laliotis - Founder, Product // LinkedIn (https:// www. linkedin. com/in/eleftherios-laliotis/), Twitter (https:// twitter .com/greekdubliner)
    7+ years of investment management experience @ BlackRock & State Street. Founded Ultimo Digital Marketing | Founding member KaramelaDAO.
  • Alexandros Adamakis - COO // LinkedIn (https:// www.linkedin .com/in/alexandrosadamakis/), Twitter (https:// twitter. com/adamakisalex)
    3+ years of start-up business development experience @ Vecna Robotics & Salesforce.
  • Ali Riza Dagli - Full Stack Dev // LinkedIn (https:// www.linkedin. com/in/alirizadagli/), GitHub (https:// github. com/alirizadagli)
    2+ years of full stack development experience. 8+ years of teaching.

Additional Resources

  • iOS alpha Version of Swollet (https:// com/join/tg4Tn3Dv)
  • Android alpha Version of Swollet (https:// com/store/apps/details?id=com.swollet.swollet)
  • Discord Server (https://
  • Twitter (https:// twitter. com/teamswollet)