[proposal] web3coalition pamphlet and lunch party at Music Biz Annual Conference 2022 May 9-12

Name of Event/Project

https://twitter.com/web3coalition at Music Biz Annual Conference 2022 May 9-12

Proposal overview

Music Biz is having its annual conference here in Nashville on May 9-12. There isn’t much of a Web3 music presence at the conference. Our Coalition hopes to change that by:

(1) sending delegates to the conference

(2) hosting a lunch during the conference

(3) handing out a “yellowpages” pamphlet about the various DAOs in our Coalition at the lunch

Our Coalition is a “metaDAO” (DAO of DAOs) that offers roundtable governance space so that music DAOs and subDAOs work together to:

(A) Pool resources for a more efficient interaction with the greater music industry, escorting them into the metaverse.

(B) Encourage composable protocol permissionless partnerships so that the best Web3 music “lego blocks” quickly cross-pollinate, rise to the top and get standardized.

(C) Grow a 1000 seat community of avid music NFT collectors who’ll share sophisticated knowledge and get first access to top-of-the-line collections, with music DAO delegates positioned at the core.

The Coalition is growing quickly, and we expect to be able to make a few announcements in the next few weeks about exciting partnership developments in this thread’s comments section.

Proposal ask

We have four sponsorship options for the lunch:

Tier 1 at $10k
Tier 2 at $5k
Tier 3 at $1k
Tier 4 at $500

Sponsors will have their brands on display during the lunch, and will be listed in the “yellowpages” pamphlet describing the various DAOs mentioned above.

Funds remaining in our treasury will be used to continue to grow the Coalition, including a planned 1000 NFT collection based on Proof Collective NFT mechanisms, but for music NFTs, as well as LexDAO’s LEETH certification NFT mechanisms.

nfDAO is a sponsor and we’re a member of Panvala league communities.

Metrics for success

(i) Grow the number of MetaCartel partnered music delegates in the Coalition; for DAOs reading this who are interested in joining our Coalition, please fill out the form shared below in the “External links” section.

(ii) Get a few delegates into the Music Biz Conference to represent Web3 music and MetaCartel.

(iii) Throw a lunch where traditional industry and Web3 music attendees can get to know each other.

(iv) Create a “yellowpages” pamphlet and hand it out at the lunch.

(v) Include an NFT as part of the swag at the lunch, likely a music NFT that’s a QR within the “yellowpages” pamphlet

Given this somewhat of a moving target time crunch, deliverables might change. We’re open to feedback and hope to discuss it with y’all in this thread’s comments section!

External links

More details about our plans, as well as the form MetaCartel DAOs can fill out to apply for a delegate position: