Rage Kick Proposal Review - 👹

A few days ago Proposal 303 came to my attention, it seems to stem from an ongoing problem with communication between members, namely @joseph and @TheFellowship

I am not interested in choosing sides on this issue, but I have to call the proposals invalidation due to skipping the common process by which all proposals need to follow.

Discussion > Forum Post > Feedback > Proposal, as this proposal went right from discussion or argument, if I had to guess, to proposal it is my assumption that it was made from a place of anger and/or frustration. That being said I am choosing to vote against this proposal until a proper review of the case has been made.

The comments in the proposal are not enough to pass a guilty verdict on a share holding member of MetaCartel:

Done with this and being talked tolike this. We don’t need people in the cartel who cant think critically and constantly go out of their way to flame us and generally troll our governance.

When a member is engaged in the operations, governance and regular happenings of the DAO, it demonstrates that they care enough about the community to devote some of their personal time and energy to it’s success, I do not believe that any governance trolling is happening here, just a general disagreement in views.

Being decentralized and autonomous, and very much intentionally so, it is expected that personalities will clash and strong held opinions will come into conflict. When members engage in these clashes and conflict, whether it’s done from a place of enlightened thinking, impatient form or just immature, they are still demonstrating a choice to engage in the DAO and have an impact in the outcomes and directions. With this in mind, any rage proposal should be met with the utmost scrutiny, especially when initiated from a situation of conflict.

Lastly I would hope that all personal conflicts and personality clashes can stay out of our governance forums and be handled by the members involved in a mature and respectful manor.

I am open to hearing others thoughts and feedback on this, but at this time I am voting down proposal 303, which intends to rage-kick Q.

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