Req. for Comment - Conga Line πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―

Howdy yall, I wanted to get this out before the next town hall, so hopefully we can attract some smart minds. Please feel free to comment and suggest new/different ideas!


Several MC affiliated projects (including grant recipients) plan to launch governance tokens. Rather than each team go alone, how can we combine efforts and align incentives, without needing to change the token design for any individual project.

Recently, the profile picture NFT community has demonstrated the value of recurring airdrops. For example, holders of BAYC or Loot have been eligible to claim new NFTs and tokens just for holding the original NFT. Can we leverage this mechanism for token launches and DAOs as well?


The β€œConga Line” NFT, which gives holders eligibility for future airdrops in the MC ecosystem.

  • Projects and DAOs add Conga holders to their token distribution lists before launch
  • A limited number of recipients during each token launch also receive Conga. Therefore, new people are always β€œjoining the line” and becoming eligible for future token launches.
  • Conga holders are always being introduced to new MC projects, and may stick around. An inter-project community may evolve naturally, since all the projects are now loosely connected.
  • The incentive to use or participate in any single MC affiliated project or product is amplified by the potential for future rewards from other projects.
  • Teams have full control and creative freedom for how to reward Conga holders vs. their existing token list

How long can we make the line? :dancing_women::dancing_women::dancing_women::dancing_women:


All rCHILI holders should be eligible to claim the initial distribution of Conga, during a limited time-window. Ideally this is completed before any token launches using Conga.

Getting Technical

Create a DAO that owns the NFT contract. If a project wants to distribute Conga, they make a proposal to 1) join the DAO, and 2) request a certain amount of Conga. If the proposal passes, Conga is sent to their token distribution contract. Some solidity work will be needed to allow their contracts to also distribute Conga along with tokens.


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