Si Her: Accelerating & Unifying Diverse Emerging Tech Leaders

Title: Si Her Co-Active

Si Her is a Web3 Co-Active and membership platform for womxn and non-binary web3 professionals.

We aim to organize, cohere, and accelerate diversity and equity in the Web3 ecosystem through education, partnerships and professional development opportunities.

We have created Si Her to address the following issues in Web3:

  • Between Q1 2022 - Q3 2023, female-led startups secured 6% of funding (Bitget report, 2024)
  • Women represent 27% of the employees at top Web3 startups (BCGX report, 2023).

Solution & Product:
Our aim is to accelerate the market success and financial inclusion of womxn in the industry with our programming, including:

  • Members receive their own siher.eth site to display her web3 identity
  • Access to our database of 500 speaking opportunities
  • Si Her Collab programming
  • Access to our upcoming Trade With Her crypto trading school.

Validation & Progress:

  • In Q124 we received a $5k grant from the ArbitrumDAO where we placed first in the category of the ‘Future of Web3 Identity’ out of 28 submissions.
  • In 4Q23 we received a $5k grant from Livepeer supporting the media enablement in our siher.eth pages and scholarships for new members

We currently have 100 members in Si Her and are now ready to begin onboarding Web3 community leaders. Our goals with this onboarding and integration into the Si Her membership platform include:

  1. Offer 100 scholarships to our Si Her membership platform from our database of 400 womxn-led Web3 communities, DAO’s and NFT collections
  2. Introduce these community leaders to our collaboration & partnerships education series, co-led by Ksenia Stark, Co-Founder at CONFUSION&JOY and Kara Howard, Si Her Talent Co-Active leader
  3. Onboard communities into our developing diversity-focused data visualization map, where the ecosystem can more easily discover communities by category, offerings, and region
  4. Introduce community members to The Wellbeing Protocol (a quadratic / conviction voting tool would be used to allow transparent and equitable distribution of funds by the Si Her Colllab community). The project was founded by Mark Pascall (one of the founding partners of Metacartel Ventures).

:heart_on_fire: Kara Howard, Creator of Si3 and the Si Her Web3 Talent Co-Active
:heart_on_fire: Ksenia Stark, Co-Founder of CONFUSION&JOY, an Impact Creator House
:heart_on_fire: Aheli Raychaudhuri, Partnerships Manager & Crypto Journalist

Metacartel grant request amount: $10,000 USD
This grant funding will go towards the operational costs of onboarding 100 womxn in Web3 community leaders into our membership platform ($300 usd value per membership). Specifically, grant costs go towards our siher.eth website technology costs, Metaverse educational space rental, and teammate costs to manage the onboarding and membership platform community management of our members

Co-Active Community Onboarding Presentation: Co-active
Si Her Co-Active: