Side chain solution proposal

The migration proposal vote is up. If there are arguments please leave them here.

I think the idea is to have an instance on both chains, CHILI will be controlled by the Polygon instance, and grants will be controlled by the xDai instance AFAIK.

So it’s just deciding where we move the liquidity, if we move to xDai there is going to be more slippage because of lower funding available via honey.swap

If we move to Polygon then we get better rates on our swaps but we can’t easily participate in UberHAUS governance because that’s on xDai so currently IDK ¯_(ツ)_/¯

More slippage on what exactly? How many swaps do we expect to be doing? we should be able to move wETH directly over with the omni bridge

We :heart: xdai. I’ll be voting on moving to xdai. Raid Guild has migrated and it has been great. The bridges to mainnet work great, there are many MC affiliated projects on xdai, and the non-variably priced gas is nice. This is an obvious move IMO

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More slippage on swaps homie, go swap ETH on xDai and then Swap ETH on MATIC and see what the difference is between the funding amounts :confused: