Spicy Tejo Tournament - Bogota 2022

This proposal is for MetaCartel to host a “Tejo Tournament” in Bogota for attendees of DevCon and friends of the MetaCartel.

WTF is Tejo :thinking:

Tejo is the national game of Columbia ( Tejo (sport) - Wikipedia ) where teams of players compete in a corn-hole type throwing game, where the pucks are filled with gunpowder :boom: so effectively you are playing exploding corn-hole… (yes, I know it’s awesome)

Benefit to MetaCartel :hot_pepper:

Exposure to the local Colombia Crypto community, a chance to invite talented developer teams from DevCon and build connections with them, curated guest list that brings the Meta Network together for another coherence building event, content from the event can be used in social channels, on our new MC home page, and to give the members of the DAO a place to come together during the DevCon week.

In addition to Tejo and good food we plan to invite local representatives of the Colombian Crypto community to do a panel discussion with us on the impact and utility of Ethereum based token and applications, this will be a chance for us to learn from a segment of the population that is ripe for adoption and has a strong need for the decentralized technology we are developing.

Complete with food and drinks of the region :plate_with_cutlery:

Prueba el sabor de Picadería La Embajada = Taste of Picadería La Embassy which is roasted meats and grilled veggies served family style. We will host up to 100 people in the

Where ?

Tejo La Embajada
Avenida carrera 24 #76-20 | Bogotá, Colombia.

~ 16 minute drive from the Agora Bogotá Convention Center

How Much ?

Total budget for executing the Tejo Tournament and impact panel is $7,000

  • Venue rental, including security staffing and bartenders: $2,000
  • Food and Drinks for 100 attendees: $2,700
  • Ticketing, Wristbands & Stereo Rental Equipment : $1000
  • Decorations and Live Performers $800

Watch this video if you’re still confused about Tejo :boom: ¿Cómo jugar tejo? - YouTube

(Update Sept 17th, moving this to #community proposal with no funds requested to executing the event, sponsors have stepped up foot the bill in exchange for participation)

Open to additional ideas, co-sponsors and feedback :metal:t4:


This sounds awesome!

For anyone who does not speak/understand Spanish, the built in translator on the video does an OK job:

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This is awesome! Any updates on this event proposal since moving it to Community @Yalor? Love to add it to my calendar of side events at DevCon and share it with the community.

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