[Suggestions] My observation and suggestions on improving the forum

Hello everyone!
I noticed that community participation on most posts is few to nothing. I also notice that activities levels are low.
I have a few suggestions.

  • Forum moderators.
    I don’t know if there are forum moderators already. Whatever the case might be, it might be a great idea to employ full time moderators. There might be shift running, so there is always someone around.
  • Proposals that have been approved should be edited to indicate that it has been approved, likewise; rejected and closed. It makes it easier to go through proposals.
  • Topics should be tagged properly. Indicate if you are posting a proposal, report, guildlines, observation etc. An example is the heading of my post.
    *More community activities should be done on the forum. Like bounties etc. I have some ideas on this, and I’m sure so many people will have ideas of bounties that can be done to improve community engagements and bring in new members.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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