Takaprotocol: A decentralized exchange and assets management protocol

Description: Takaprotocol is a decentralized exchange for discovering liquidity, trading multiple financial instruments ( Cryptos, FX, Commodities and more) and assets management protocol.

Takaprotocol DAO is the governance body that will develop, grow, and govern the product.

Vision: Our vision is to provide individuals and institutions with the best way to transfer, trade, and invest in digital assets.

Our mission is make the crypto market accessible, open, safe, and fair for all to use.

Problem: Today with different DEXes and Assets management protocols launching on different blockchains, you’ll notice that most of these dApps still lags behind in meeting up to the standard of their centralized counterparts.

The inability for traders to trade on multiple blockchains or move funds from one blockchain to another remain a pressing necessity.

Also, the current DEXes are limited in terms of accessing different financial instruments. For instance trading the FX or Commodities markets on Defi.

The lack of automation tools to help traders automate their trading activities.

Additionally, assets management protocol lack sophisticated tools to enable assets managers share their strategies on a decentralized web.

Solution: A multi-chain DEX with a bridge functionality that allows cross-chain transfers of funds, connected to an aggregation protocol that sources liquidity from various DEXes.

Most significantly, giving traders, and fund managers access to multiple financial instrument, and the ability to automate their trades in a trustless manner.

At it’s core, Takaprotocol allows strategy managers create strategies while investors follows top performing strategies.

Product: The core functionalities of Takaprotocol are divided into several layers.

  1. Bridge Protocol: The bridge protocol utilizes the NXTP model of bridge transfer.

  2. Liquidity Protocol: Anyone can become a liquidity provider for a pool by allocating liquidity within a custom price range.

  3. Aggregation Protocol: The aggregation protocol sources liquidity from various exchanges, and is capable of splitting a single trade transaction across multiple DEXes.

  4. Smart Trade Protocol: This allows traders to automate their trades with features like laddered buys, trailing orders, limit order, stop orders, RFQ order and more.

  5. Derivatives Protocol: This protocol allows leverage trading (perpetual contracts).

On Takaprotocol the perpetual contract markets will be offered on the ZK rollups layer 2 solution with up to 20x leverage.

Available markets will be Crypto, FX, Commodities and more.

  1. Asset Management Protocol: The asset management protocol allows investors choose among best performing strategy managers, and automatically copy their trading activities. While strategy managers can earn a second income by allowing others to follow their trades.

Differentiation: Takaprotocol is different from other DEXes in that:

It allows multi-chain trading and cross- chain transfers.

It gives traders access to multiple financial instruments, and the ability to automate their trades.

It offers an asset management service.

Progress: Currently, our team is working on the Bridge Protocol.

We have been able to integrate Polygon, Ethereum, and BSC.

We’ll connect to more blockchains as we progress.

Team: From day one Takaprotocol was envisioned to be an open source, and community driven project.

Hence, the Takaprotocol DAO in which all the stakeholders will make decisions together.

At the moment, we’re made up of 3 members. 2 traders with over 6 years+ experience in blockchain, and a full stack blockchain developer who is currently the lead developer of the Bridge protocol.

Grants: $10,000 and your help.

Funding: The project so far has zero funding, community members have been working out of their pockets.

The funds received from this grants will be used to further the bridge protocol, and the creation of Takaprotocol DAO.

Help: We are in need of a software architect, business managers, advisors, senior blockchain developers, front end developers, UI and UX designers.

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I like the direction you’re going, you are addressing a pain-point that I’ve experienced working in the industry. You’ll have to figure out which user-base to onboard first the institutional or individuals as that determines your growth trajectory. I’d be interested in getting involved.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

We’ll first onboard individuals before institutions,
because individuals make up predominantly the crypto market.

Currently defi is out of the reach of most of these individuals, the reasons for their exclusion includes high transaction cost, proper education on how defi works, poor user experience and user interface.

Your opinions/ideas will be much needed and highly appreciated.