🎉 The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

imperator_sheep here, native linux user & lisper. in the crypto space since '13. writing code all day. founder of clojure.network, owner of a small tech company.

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Hey everyone,

I’m Cooper and I just learned about Meta Cartel (and the unique DAO structure behind it) at DevCon.

I currently work as a blockchain consulting for early-stage token startups handling everything from economic models to sale structuring, marketing and development coordination.

I’m also a freelance writer for a small DeFi blog called DeFi Rate.

I’ve very passionate about music (currently managing a few electronic artists as a side hustle) and am intrigued about a for-profit DAO model.

Looking forward to meeting some (or all) of you IRL!

Hello Cartel Members

It’s about time for me to introduce myself to el cartel de la meta! I’m a software dev located in Berlin and most of my time is spent on 1) developing a yet to be released defi project called gelato :icecream: which basically provides a protocol to automate dapp interactions for defi users, think of IFTTT or Zapier for ethereum (extremely META if you ask me) and 2) experimenting with different kind of DAO systems (Aragon, DaoStack, Digix as of now, need to try out them Moloch DAOs).

I also like participating in ETH hackathons and won some stuff at ETHParis & ETHBerlin. Recently a friend and myself received a grant for gelato from the Gnosis Ecosystem Fund.

MetaCartel is probably the most engaged community experimenting & pushing the boundaries of dApp UX, that’s why I am looking forward to engaging with all of you and hope I can help to level up ethereum’s currently manual user experience with some delicious ice cream :icecream:.

Peace, Hilmar :v:


My name is Jason and I have been following Ethereum since the early days. I don’t work in the industry, but I enjoy following the new developments, and try to help out where I can by testing or running many of the new projects and dApps. I’m very interested in distributed governance systems, and these grant style DAOs seem to have the a very compelling and rapid evolution. I’m hoping to hang out here to observe and participate in this space.


Hi all,

I’m Garrett. I’m working to make revenue-generating DAOs a thing that anyone can start. I’ll feel successful when I enable a ton more capital flow toward development and adoption of tools that make people freer.

I started the first public bitcoin mining operation almost eight years ago, and bought my first ether to get into The [original] DAO. I attended MultiSigCon0 in Denver last week and had the pleasure of meeting many of you I didn’t know already in person, and I couldn’t be more excited to join this group.

Hi everyone, I’m Chris Gilbert.

I have been involved in crypto since the early days. I mined Bitcoin in 2011–sold when it hit dollar parity! I am among the Goxed.

I work as a technical lead and software engineer for a big corporation. I’ve spent the past two years running an internal dApp team.

I found this after hearing Peter speak on Laura Shin’s excellent podcast, Unchained.
I’m interested currently experimenting with the pocket-moloch code and trying to get my own instance up and running.


Hey Chris, welcome. It’s great to be among a fellow Goxed one. How did you find out about bitcoin back then and what inspired you to mine it? Love learning peoples’ stories.

How would you like to get involved in the MetaCartel?

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@garrettian I learned about Bitcoin by word of mouth, well, a tweet, really. Dan Kaminsky made a passing reference to it and I went down the rabbit hole as they say.

I’ve spent a good deal of time working with crypto, but not as a part of the community. I’m hoping to find a project I can lend my skills to.

Hey! My name is Punia and I got involved in the blockchain space in around 2016 through Blockchain at Berkeley. Since then I’ve done consulting for a few startups and most recently was the blockchain investor at Draper Associates.

I quit my job to start my own company. Still figuring out what exactly to do, but in general really interested in the future of communities and how we self govern each other. Social media is shifting away from the idea of broadcasting to everyone in favor of small groups, future of work is shifting to gig/entrepreneurial type jobs, and people are becoming more divided around government. Really curious as to where this will all go.


Greetings all ~~ :wave:

I’m Ross Campbell, a Brooklyn attorney and sometimes-Solidity coder working on mapping out corporate and ‘frontier’ governance schemes for DAOs.

Among other juggled hats 🤹, I work part-time for OpenLaw // ConsenSys on scripting together legal templates for our users to take advantage of Ethereum executable records for their agreements.

Since sprinting on the OpenEsquire project and formulating some early prototypes for ‘limited liability DAOs’ with dOrg between New York and Vermont (LLC-DAOs) and other cryptonative remote-first businesses (as @OKDuncan has doc’d pretty well here), I’ve come to realize how much opportunity there is for well-reasoned for-profit DAO structures. I am excited to join the MetaCartel forum and learn more about the members, plans, and ambitions already making good substance from the ether - stoked to be here! :vulcan_salute:

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Awesome - what kind of software engineer are you? There are a few different initiatives we might be able to plug you into. Welcome to the group!


DAOs are certainly the right place so I’m glad you found MetaCartel. Are you interested in working on a revenue-generating DAO? I really believe we can create a more grassroots and sustainable alternative to VC this way.


Oh absolutely. In fact, I feel like I’m exclusively interested in revenue-generating DAO. Chris Giblert and I in another post were discussing how DAOs could get funded through membership dues, like unions are, or income share agreements, like churches and governments are. Excited to see where this will go!


Hey Ross! Nice to meet you and welcome to the MetaCartel. We’re moving forward on the creation of a legal structure for our rev-gen dao and it’ll be great to get your guidance there!

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Nice, those are some interesting approaches - let’s hop over to that thread.


Check it out: 💭 Idea: Membership as a form of Sustainability?


greetings all! brent here from Canada. i’ve built communities to solve technical challenges and build complex systems in meat space (hardware). i’ve been studying DAOs since The DAO and am a firm believer that we have reached peak hierarchy. really looking forward to following along here and contributing as i can.

anyone in Toronto on Thursday for the meetup before EthWaterloo?

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I work on SaaS products, mostly, both front- and back-end development. I do some infrastructure work in AWS and I’ve dabbled in Ethereum smart contracts. JS, PHP, and Python are my most comfortable languages.

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Hey there! This is Martin Etzrodt (most often found elsewhere as @etzmail). I am working as researcher for AKASHA.org. Currently focussed mostly on ethereum.world . Cheers.

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Hi I’m Gabi, currently working full-time on Aragon. Had super nice conversations with both James and Garrett, I think cross pollination of communities building DAO models could be a catalizer to step forward and keep push experimentation and adoption of this powerful tools. I’m here to contribute and learn :slight_smile:

Btw, I’m super interested on create a baseball card representation for each member of a DAO allowing to introduce the concept of believability weight decisions of Ray Dalio to DAOs :star_struck:

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