🎉 The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

Hi all, I would love to kick this thing off ~

I am Peter, or otherwise known as ‘pet3rpan’ and I am part of the MetaCartel.

Most of my time is spent building up the crypto dapp developer community and find ways on how to help out. I also enjoy memes and club mate.

Good to have you all here!


Hey y’all - I am James working on helping support MetaCartel. I’m interested in DAOs and layer2. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Greetings, Im JD (or any other derivative of James Duncan).

I live more on the conceptual side of DAOs/blockchain apps… want to see more products with the potential for network effects to take shape so we can better understand the nuance involved with using decentralized systems (re: Ethereum) to support sharing economies.

I see the MetaCartel community as an anchor of development in the ecosystem, and am stoked to be a part.


Hi everyone,

I’m Alex Hoffmann, self proclaimed startup operator, supporting MetaCartel in any operating capacity possible

I think the DAO truly has the potential to increase the rate of experimentation and unlock new use cases on the app layer-- through a combination of funding, community involvement, unique collaboration opportunities, and a tight feedback loop. I’m here to enable, participate in, and help cultivate that experimentation.

I’m also very interested in the future of alternative revenue models and funding.




Hey everyone. I’m here.


Ven here!

Bringing Design Thinking (and execution!) to all aspects of MetaCartel wherever helpful.

Product, UX, UI, Visual, Frontend dev

Currently deep in dev on the DAO’s dapp.


Hey all, I’m Steve, and I run Bountium, the project for smart-contract powered business operations. We are attempting to help real businesses run their operations through a DAO, with a particular focus on facilitating supply chain management. I know several of you are into DAOs (@vengist and @jamesyoung even mentioned that angle in this thread) and I’d love to learn and exchange ideas about how to push DAOs into real world impact with you.

I’m in Boston - don’t be a stranger if you’re nearby!


Hi everyone, my name is Alex Masmej, @AlexMasmej on twitter. I’ve been obsessed about Web3, more generally anything that leverages blockchain applications over research.
This looks like the best DAO to be around this ecosystem.
I recently participated in the gitcoin/consensys hackaton. In the next months I’d love to start a Web3 project myself.

Nice to meet you all!!



Nick from defiprime.com here. I’ve been passively around crypto since Mtgox(lost 0.0099 BTC when it collapsed, lol) and got actively involved in various crypto projects since 2017.


Hey everyone!

I’m Alejandro, a founder of the Open Money Initiative. We did field research in Colombia and Venezuela to find out how people use money under collapsing monetary systems. Check out our talk at Zcon1.

I’m working on products that deeply address the needs of Venezuelans. Stay tuned for more details!


Hey Everyone!

My name is Ryan. I currently work with the Web3 Foundation, but spend a lot of my time on private investments, researching DAOs and their related legal links along with looking at some other interesting things in the space. I used to lead private investments for Polychain and have been an angel investor in the Ethereum ecosystem for some time (early in MakerDAO, Ethereum and a bunch of Ethereum projects). I am really interested in how we can grow usage of the app layer in our space and would like to create community rewards around Rep/credibility for providing feedback and using apps and/or networks. I’m looking forward to dedicating a substantial amount of my personal time to Metacartal.


Hey everyone, the name’s Jordan. I got obsessed around mid-2017. I’m currently building Podcrypt (https://podcrypt.app), a podcast listening app that automatically splits donations based on time listened. Essentially it’s a very similar model to Brave and BAT, but for podcasts and not using an app-specific token. I’m loving the project! Just reached about 13 verified podcasts today.

Besides that I’m a full-stack software developer who loves open source and capitalism. Check out my GitHub for more: https://github.com/lastmjs


Hey, I’m James RT.

I currently run agency0x, we work with blockchain companies on marketing and user acquisition. I’m interested in marketing experiments, user onboarding, growth metrics and product stuff.

Previously I was investing through Block0, and worked on 30+ hardware and software crowdfunding campaigns.

I’m keen to give my time to help any meta cartel projects with getting users!


The community reward and rep/credibility consolidation is a big one for a mesh network of dao, there needs to be an available pool of skills to tap into for any projects and those skilled person also needs some incentive for their time. Looking forward to discuss this further


Hi guys and gals!

My name is Jordan.
My background is mostly institutional relations and influence. I focused my research between the spread of economical ideologies (mainly, how neoliberalism meme’d itself during the last 50 years) and the use of technology in Public Policy making. I worked on a broad range of subject such as creating a coding school in a refugee camp for the UN, doing some influences analysis for the foreign affairs in France on matters of Human Rights or creating influence security framework for Engie’s oversees operations. I’m now heading the operations of Aave and run ETHLend, a smart contract based OTC lending marketplace.
Looking forward to contribute to MetaCartel with my skills!




I’m Justin, I work on Quidli :squid:- we work on providing companies, projects, and communities an interface to issue and manage their team’s equity on Ethereum.

We use this ourselves to offer real equity in the form of tokens to our own contributors. The distribution for this is mainly centralized in the CEO or group leader today, but our aim is to increasingly integrate more DAO experimentation so that the process becomes more “future of work,” distributed and open.

Happy to engage and interact with the MC community!



I’m Fabio, working at Solidified, where we leverage community knowledge to secure smart contracts. I’m also a buidler, both in Solidified and in my free time (always tinkering with something new).

Looking forward to engage and contribute to the community :slight_smile: