🎉 The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

Hi everyone, I’m Slava.

I’m working on Relevant which is a Reddit like forum platform with a sibyl-resistant reputation system and a prediction market.

Currently we’re focused on improving product, exploring various use-cases and building tighter integrations with the web3 ecosystem. In particular very interested in building decentralized/federated communication and signaling tools for large DAOs.

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Hey everyone! Dmitry from QuikNode here :wave:

We founded the project in 2017 to help users of MyEtherWallet/MyCrypto and MetaMask be independent of public/shared node infrastructure (at the time, the influx of users to these services caused node infrastructure issues/bottlenecks, which rendered them unusable).

After the token generation craze, however, our project saw a shift in users to dApp developers – who were using QuikNode for building, testing, and eventually launching on ETH MainNet and running their dApp using the node service.

Our team has witnessed (and contributed to) the shift from web1.0 to web2.0 – so when we heard about web3.0 and saw it in action, we saw an opportunity for us to apply our skills & experience to facilitate the evolution – which starts with empowering developers.

This is where I spend most of my time – managing the organization, growing the brand and raising awareness, finding ways we can be useful to the ecosystem and helping our users when possible.

Looking forward to participating in this community!

Hi everyone,

My name is Eric. I’ve been exploring the different DAO ecosystems and have been working to bring a few use cases to life (including a retail / coworking space DAO, and DAOfund). I’ve also been mapping out the DAO ecosystem at http://daospace.org and am active in the dxDAO.

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Yo this DAO mapping you did is really dope!!! Congrats. a DAOfund could be cool but maybe just a passive capital pool that takes a position in a diversified portfolio of DAOs and the only voting is on the portfolio balance with a bonding curve for entry and exit. Just an idea FWIW.

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No, but I do think a fund of DAO assets would be very interesting.

Hi there , nice to discover MetaCartel :wink: I am currently working on a project to help organizations to raise funds from all over the world and in a transparent way thanks to smart-contracts.
thank you and always a pleasure to share about crypto’s :wink:

Hey gang! I’m David, a freelance fullstack dapp developer.

For the past few months, I’ve been working on driving forward the vision of Austin Griffith’s Burner Wallet. Primarily, I’ve been working on a robust, modular wallet called the Burner Wallet 2, as well as a website for generating Burner Wallets called Burner Factory.

I think the goals of the Burner Wallet align nicely with Metacartel, and I’m looking forward to contributing!


Hi all!

I’m Bitsavage!

Been in the space since early 17’. Learned a lot advised a few, now I’m building my own platform! Good to see things like this come into existence!


Hello all!

I’m Pascal. I am trading since 13 years now and I have founded a prop trading company and an educational company in France, followed by 26k french speaking trader.

3 years ago we started to develop trading interface for traditional brokers and exchanges, and this is how we ended up in the crypto trading space in 2017. Then the ICO maze came, and we started to be interested by the underlying technology, and voila :slightly_smiling_face:

Today I am working full time on Jarvis Network and Jarvis Exchange; the first is a smartcontract-based wallet aiming to leverage from different protocols (UniversalLogin, Compound, Bzx, UMA etc.) to create the coolest wallet ever, designed for everyone; the second is a smartcontract-based brokerage protocol which allow users to gain exposure to traditional market thanks to a network of decentralized market makers.

I plan to leverage from my existing community and network of partners in the trading industry to gain users.

We are far from having finished all our project, and far from being as decentralized as we would love, but we work on it :slight_smile:

Happy to be hear and exchange ideas.


Hey All,

I’m Mark Pereira, I’ve had the lovely experience of seeing MetaCartel grow from its early stages to where it’s at now. I’ve got to say it’s been extremely entertaining and an incredible journey from raunchy memes and benevolent dictation to pioneering dapps and a MolochDAO fork.

I’m working on a Project called Alice, https://www.alicedapp.com, which I’m hoping can progress the Dapps space a lot quicker as we make it extremely easy to build your app into mobile which is where most users spend their time.

Looking forward to working on solutions together that will drive dapp adoption in the space!

Hey everyone.

This is the ExcitePrice team. We recently released the product on mainnet about a week ago. We are trying to bring assets outside ethereum to ethereum via a very simple derivative style smart-contract. Would really appreciate some feedback on the application.

We are eventually planning on bringing a modified bitmex style perpetual swap to the platform.

Learn more on our forum: https://com.exciteprice.com/

Shawn here.
Looking forward to learning and sharing some mind bending concepts.
Been isolated for some time, my apologies if my communications methods are incorrect.
My mind comprehends technology in ways I cannot truly explain. My 85 yr old grandmother benefits greatly from this. She actively uses more tech than most gen-xers.

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imperator_sheep here, native linux user & lisper. in the crypto space since '13. writing code all day. founder of clojure.network, owner of a small tech company.

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Hey everyone,

I’m Cooper and I just learned about Meta Cartel (and the unique DAO structure behind it) at DevCon.

I currently work as a blockchain consulting for early-stage token startups handling everything from economic models to sale structuring, marketing and development coordination.

I’m also a freelance writer for a small DeFi blog called DeFi Rate.

I’ve very passionate about music (currently managing a few electronic artists as a side hustle) and am intrigued about a for-profit DAO model.

Looking forward to meeting some (or all) of you IRL!

Hello Cartel Members

It’s about time for me to introduce myself to el cartel de la meta! I’m a software dev located in Berlin and most of my time is spent on 1) developing a yet to be released defi project called gelato :icecream: which basically provides a protocol to automate dapp interactions for defi users, think of IFTTT or Zapier for ethereum (extremely META if you ask me) and 2) experimenting with different kind of DAO systems (Aragon, DaoStack, Digix as of now, need to try out them Moloch DAOs).

I also like participating in ETH hackathons and won some stuff at ETHParis & ETHBerlin. Recently a friend and myself received a grant for gelato from the Gnosis Ecosystem Fund.

MetaCartel is probably the most engaged community experimenting & pushing the boundaries of dApp UX, that’s why I am looking forward to engaging with all of you and hope I can help to level up ethereum’s currently manual user experience with some delicious ice cream :icecream:.

Peace, Hilmar :v: