The Evolution Thesis

MetaCartel was founded upon the thesis of funding Dapps and the Dapp ecosystem, over time this evolved informally to funding DAOs and DAO experiments :microscope:

It is my belief that we are now at a 3rd stage of evolution, my suggestion is to formalize this in a new funding thesis :scroll:

New Thesis

~ Funding Network Connections~ :money_with_wings:

  • Events, Awareness, and Increasing Resonance.

If we have learned anything from the creation of MCON, it is that bringing together the Meta network into a central location for a few days to align, increase resonance and share learnings is a high value opportunity for the wider DAO ecosystem.

What To Fund

  • Fellowships, IRL Events, Communities Doing Activation.

Good examples of this are #MCON, a 400+ person, 3 day DAO gathering in Denver Co. #MetaCamp, a 40 person, 7 day intentional gathering of 60 DAO communities in Costa Rica. #DAOPalace, a 40 person, 14 day gathering of DAO leaders at Schloss Bückeburg, Germany.

Communicating The Shift

As the new website is getting ready to launch, we should weave into our messaging the opportunity for communities that are connected to the meta-network our intentions to fund and support these resonance opportunities.

I have a handful of ideas and proposals that are inbound, I look forward to seeing others feedback on this new thesis and formalizing these ideas into our new website.

I’ll leave this thread open to gather feedback and consensus as we develop a clearer idea of the impact metrics we’ll need to communicate the value of this new strategy.


I’m all about IRL community building, crypto advocacy, visibility and onboarding. How can I help?

Delayed response I know and maybe some things have changed since then.
I like the idea of funding IRL events as long as the event is moving us forward as a DAO and as part of the Ethereum ecosystem. However, I don’t feel like it should be the sole focus for grant funding.
With the addition of super scouts as, I guess a sub DAO of sorts, I think that model would be an excellent one to follow for funding the types of projects you are suggesting. That way, people with expertise in the funding area, will have more control to get funding where it is needed quickly.