TiTi Protocol grant proposal

I am Qijun, the founder of TiTi Protocol. I am glad to have the opportunity to share our project with you.

TiTi Protocol is a brand new algorithmic stablecoin project that integrates Monopoly-AMM and Multi-Asset Reserve mechanism.

It’s quite clear that the past few years’ market verification has proven that the current rebase or seigniorage models algorithmic stablecoins have poor stability performance. The reason is that their algorithms showed low efficiency responding to real market supply and demand status . The future market needs a better design paradigm to meet the increasing demand for stablecoins from users.

Therefore, we propose and realize a new and more elegant paradigm of algorithmic stablecoin design: creating a stablecoin primary market by designing a monopolistic market maker and dynamically adjusting market circulation through the innovative market-making strategy, ReOrders. We believe that such a mechanism design makes TiTi Protocol more stable and efficient than competing products such as Basis Cash, AMPL and FEI. Our team have greatly increased the upper limit of issuance scale by introducing the Multi-Asset Reserve mechanism. Besides, the new paradigm enhances the protocol’s resistance capability to volatility risk.

We are now seeking to fund support and hope to establish partnership with you to jointly achieve our goal:creating a stablecoin TiTi with 10 Billion marketcap. The following are helpful infomation:

Website: https://titi.finance
Whitepaper: DocSend
Deck: DocSend

We are applying for a grant of $20,000 to expand our team, and we expect to use the funds to recruit an engineer and a marketing personnel to accelerate our project.