Welcome to ComBoox! ---- A Company Book-Entry System Linking To Web 3.0 Capital Market

ComBoox is a blockchain-based company book-entry system designed for equity share registration and statutory books keeping, which is aimed to assist users to quickly establish a legal, secure, transparent, and reliable smart contracts system on blockchain for registering equity share and keeping records of corporate governance, so as to enable right holders such as investors, shareholders, managers, and business partners be able to directly engage in almost all the share transactions and corporate governance activities under the automatic control of smart contracts, including share subscription, transfer, pledge, consideration payment, contracts signing, motion submission, voting, nomination, appointment etc.

By leveraging the technical features of blockchain and smart contracts, ComBoox may fundamentally solve the corporate governance problems such as ā€œInsider Controlā€ and ā€œMisleading Statementsā€ that has plagued the capital market for many years, and completely realize:

  1. right holders may directly exercise rights;
  2. obligors have no chance to default; and
  3. real-time information disclosure.

By booking the equity shares on blockchain, investors may use cryptocurrencies or Central Bank Digital Currencies to pay for share consideration, which means effectively connecting the companiesā€™ equity shares to the trillion-dollar crypto markets, so that the companies may have an opportunity to have their value reevaluated and reconfirmed with the robust support of the huge liquidity.

Please visit blow websites for:

  1. White Paper;
  2. Source Code;
  3. Test Net (Sepolia) App (comboox-sepolia.vercel.app); and
  4. ArbitrumOne App (comboox.vercel.app).