Chili-Coin for Reddit

Abridged seeks support from the MetaCartel to provide the initial $5K in collateral for the Reddit Chili-Coin experiment.


We’re building DAOs on xDAI for cheaper transactions (woo! gas is bleh!) and we’re also building this into Reddit (WhATT?!) to participate in the Scaling Bakeoff (OKAYY!).


DAO Ops and Abridged contracts will facilitate this project. We aim to get the system up and running by early August so contributors to the MetaCartel subreddit can earn Chili-Coin for their efforts! While this will begin with Reddit, that doesn’t mean these coins should be limited to the Reddit community… this is the beginning of #chilination and we will continue building more functionality into other interfaces to utilize the coin!

This is a continuation of the DAO Ops system development we began with Signal DAO earlier this year!


We request $5000 worth of coin to use as an initial collateral for the ChiliCoin bonding curve. Happy to discuss the initial distribution to ensure that DAO members are prioritized so we can all be rich in $CHILI.

Feel free to post with questions and concerns.