Signal DAO: a first experiment in DAOOps

A pilot experiment in DAOOps for lightweight mobile interactions—source any idea, from crypto business development initiatives, to memes… lets brainstorm together!

Signal DAO allows for communities to spin up a smart contract voting system that can be accessed via mobile through Telegram. Eventually, the project will be templatized so anyone can choose and modify the copy to fit their needs.

To test the hypothesis, we’d like to build a telegram Signal DAO bot for the MetaCartel and Moloch communities. The goal being 1. to attract and add members interested in submitting fundable ideas and allow for the communities to identify which ideas have the most promise via voting and 2. test a new way for DAO interactions to provide for a path of greater engagement and reduce information asymmetry. This information gathered can help inform the community about investment opportunities, valuable experiments, and ideate about more tools to enhance coordination moving forward.

The Signal DAO will be made and managed in telegram. It is invite-only, but anyone who knows one person in the DAO can join.

We are looking for a small grant to develop the bot and run experiments moving forward.

Network: Kovan
Voting Period: 30 mins
Grace Period: 0

Rough Roadmap:

DAO Launches

Phase 1. Onboarding Period (~ 48 people/day)

  1. Lasts 5 days prior to a set competition
  2. Anyone who knows someone in the DAO can join
  3. Proposal process works to gather community sentiment on ideas

Phase 2. Bountied Community Brainstorming

  1. The game begins on X time and will last until Y time
  2. The most successful proposal will receive $XXX
    1. Success metrics defined by # of ‘Yes’ votes
    2. Will enforce a minimum vote # to qualify for bounty

Phase 3. Onward

  1. The future is wide open for this Signal DAO community and experiment

Ask: $1K

Delivery: Next Week

This project is being built by the team at
To be onboarded early and test the beta, find a time here:
If you want to learn more join the DAOops telegram here:


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