Funding Proposal: MC x Wgmi Onboarding Event at Devcon VI

Funding Proposal: MC x Wgmi Onboarding Event at Devcon VI


When: Oct 12-13, 2022 (10am - 6pm — Day 1, Day 2)
Where: Patrimonio, Bogotá, Colombia — Devcon VI

Event Guide, MC Member: Matt Wright
Event Lead: Zippy
Event Support: Yalor Mewn


Wgmi wants to lead/ organize a “side-event” near Devcon during the same week as Devcon VI in Bogotá. We would bring in various web3 projects/ partners as sponsors to help educate locals and new Ethereum community members on how to be a good web3 contributor, end-user, community member or Community Manager. With all of the technical events around Ethereum development, integrations, scaling—we’re thinking this could be a venue for the non-technical who are also a part of the process of helping Ethereum scale through developer, and end-user communities.

This would be a two day event/ hacker house where we take newbies from 0 to 1. We would have them bring their own laptops/ mobile devices, get set up with Ethereum wallets, and community forums, chats or integrations. From there, we will walk them through how to receive, send or exchange assets just as you would by particpating in an Ethereum or DAO community in web3. In essence, non-technical folks should be able to exit our workshops with a general understanding around how crypto can empower their work, liberate them from traditional models, and give them ideas for how to use these tools for good in LatAm.

Our goal is to onboard 200+ non-technical end-users or builders to Ethereum.

Original Wgmi Forum Proposal:

About Wgmi

We’re on a mission to bring more Community professionals to web3. Wgmi DAO is a service DAO aimed at providing Community Management, Development, Moderation to Ethereum projects.

Why hire a Community Manager when you can hire a Community of Community Managers?

The DAO was allocated a grant by Metacartel in 2022, a finalist at MC’s Metapod Incubator at ETH Denver. Wgmi is now officially an on-chain DAO via DAOHaus/ Moloch v3. The group is gracious to Metacartel for being the kickstarter for its development and would like to expand the MC ecosystem.

More info:


  • Devcon tickets are priced out for most locals (and LatAm neighbors)
  • General attendees will also want a place to jam :sparkles:
  • A lot of newcomers don’t understand how to use a wallet, why, or how to navigate web3 after receiving fungible or non-fungible assets
  • DAOs are becoming a massive onboarding mechanism, but a lot of folks don’t understand what ownership and governance looks like
  • Ethereum culture needs to continue on as mainstream takes hold


We’re going to host a two-day workshop/ non-technical hacker house that focuses on onboarding the next wave of the Ethereum ecosystem in LatAm.

They’re going to learn how to…
  • Set up an Ethereum wallet
  • Receive NFTs and tokens
  • Learn community tools such as chat and forums
  • Connect to web3 with their wallets
  • Get access to permissioned channels with their custodied assets
  • Participate in governance with those same assets


By hosting a public event we open up the doors for collaboration with the local Colombia community who are crypto curious, we can help them onboard into the DAO ecosystem, including wallets demos, etc scaffold starter packs, DAO’s available to join, as well as the chance to connect IRL with the leaders of the ecosystem of DAO adoption.

2 day event/hacker house with food, recordings and bi-lingual facilitation staff to serve attendees.

Supported by

  • Wgmi DAO
  • ConsenSys
  • Defience
  • POAP
  • PoolTogether
  • Zapper
  • Coordinape

Value to Metacartel

  • Exposure to 200+ LatAm locals who are onboarding to the ecosystem
  • Bridging the North America to Latin American divide in Ethereum
  • Hub for MetaCartel members to plug into the local community and onboard talent directly into their projects
    • All MC Members are welcome to join, volunteer, mentor
  • Key sponsorship keeps MetaCartel relevant in the wider ecosystem
  • Making connections with key builders in the LatAm community
  • Identifying new grantee opportunities
  • Flexing our DAO to DAO collaboration skills
  • The venue allows us to create ad-hoc event throughout the week (e.g. Metacartel Happy Hour by Yalor)

Funding Request

  • 5 ETH ($6500 USDC at time of posting)
  • Personel support during the event
    • Matt Wright
    • Yalor Mewn

In exchange…
  • Headline “Wgmi” sponsorship tier as co-organizer (upgrade from “Frens” tier)
  • Online event marketing visibility
  • On-site branding materials and logo placement
  • Shout out during ceremonies
Full sponsorship deck:

With much respect and appreciation for the work that has been done by members of this community I look forward to your support as we attempt to make this event impactful, relevant, and aligned with this mission and vision of MC.

If you would like more info, or to get involved, please get in touch!


Matt Wright
Tg: @mateo_ventures

100% down for this, seems like a small ask for the impact it will provide to local Bogota community.

+1 to onboarding people to web3 through hands on actions