Proposal: Wgmi Grant — Putting the “We” in Web3


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We’re on a mission to bring more community professionals to web3.

Being vital to the success of web3 projects—there is a huge demand online for Community Managers, Community Moderators, Community Directors, Community Leads or more technical positions like Developer Evangelists, Developer Advocates.

This community was built for educating up and coming community professionals and leaders in the web3 space. To meet this talent gap in our current state—our aim is to:

  • Open source resources such as standards, strategies and tools that will support this future workforce
  • Design boot camps and workshops that help grow the talent pool of the space overall
  • Be the leading service DAO for Community development work in web3

More Info:

What is WGMI?

We believe community professionals are the role of the future. As such, Wgmi exists to grow the talent pool of Web3 leaders through education and development of their capacity for community stewardship.

This community was built for educating up and coming community professionals and leaders in the web3 space. Through Wgmi—we’re assembling the brightest minds from web2 to web3 that have built online communities to… open source this knowledge and onboard the next generation of Community professionals. By sharing resources, experiences, tools, processes, and evangelizing newcomers to roll up their sleeves—we can create a factory of leaders that will be guiding the next generation of developments on Ethereum with respect to DeFi, NFTs, DAOs and more.

Manifesto/ Vision

We believe Wgmi will hire and onboard thousands of Community professionals into the web3 ecosystem over time. We see a world where Community leaders, Directors, Managers, Evangelists—are leading the future businesses and technologies of the world. Our focus is around setting standards and common practices between Community professionals, to close the existing talent gap, and make sure every project in web3 is able to execute on a Community-first mindset.


Community professionals in web 2.0 and web 1.0 do not understand web3 fully—and folks who have adopted web3 frameworks may not have the “Community professional” frameworks that have been established as de facto standards.


We want to create a brain trust of Community professionals familiar with web3—and onboard a new generation of Community professionals.

Our Process:

  • Determine leveling of entry level Community Professional
  • Establish education and experience gaps for web3 Community Development/ Management
  • Open source learning resources, host community workshops and build a network of future Community leaders
  • Create bootcamps, apprentice programs and optimize recruitment opportunities for candidates that exit our Community


  • 1,400 Members
  • 35 Contributors
  • 20+ cities
  • 10+ “Experts”

What is it looking to achieve in the next 12 months?

  1. Deploying governance
  • We’re mapping out our forum on Discourse, establishing a core contributor culture, and aim to formalize the DAO using Ethereum primitive frameworks
  1. New member & contributor onboarding
  • Currently building out onboarding UX to remove pain points for new joiners to transition smoothly advancing through member to contributor status
  1. Building out our consultancy arm
  • Our service DAO will be optimized for training community stewards in web3 tech and tools and incentivizing contributors to consult various web3 projects on Community development best practices

What are WGMI’s goals and expected outcomes from receiving a grant

  • Onboard 500 Community Managers into web3 Community roles
  • Organize 50+ Community workshops with web3 founders, builders and leaders
  • Improve website design for increased visibility
  • Ship “Community Development Handbook”
  • Ship “Community Apprentice Program” (2 week bootcamp + Volunteership)
  • Establish contributor bounties and governance hurdles

Amount of funding requested:

  • $25k-50k USDC/DAI

What sort of help does it need most right now aside from funding?
4. Proper DAO setup (treasury > governance > org structure) + tokenomics specialists
5. Service DAO setup (we have inbound clients and need a way to assign contributors to these initiatives/sprints)

Multisig Address for Fund Transfer if approved:


big fan of wgmi, bullish

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I’m in for this, have seen a lot of value created here and value is aligned with the MetaCartel :fire:

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Would like to add that we are currently reworking our Grants pipeline with an eye towards sustainably, so something that kicked back to the MetaCartel treasury fore future grant funding would be appreciated :pray:t4:


Would absolutely love that. Perhaps we can also offer Community Management services (from our apprentice pipeline) for portfolio projects over time?

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