Gutting The Chili 👨🏽‍🌾

Gutting The Chili and Other Acts of DAO Disobedience

MetaCartel has cultivated a community of builders, enthusiasts, and DAO maxi’s over the past 3 years, it’s been a blast to coordinate with all of you and to have this opportunity for community building with such a talented group of humans.

It is my firm belief that MetaCartel has been suffering from a listless direction as it regards funding decisions, on-boarding new members, and maximizing our impact across the ecosystem for sometime.

We raised the initial funding for grants. As of now, I am no longer confident the DAO is in a position to correctly steward the capital hence the plan of returning funds to members via GuildKick.

You can see the proposal’s below for refunding the major shareholders below, effectively distributing the treasury back to the addresses that allocated it in the first place:

I realized that not making a forum post before triggering these proposals was a cardinal mistake 🫣 stemming from the heated Telegram back and forth but as you will see they are not sponsored so they are effectively signal posts as of now.

I intended to use this forum to share my reasoning for dissolving the DAO treasury by refunding the balance, as I have removed myself from the Telegram thread to allow those who want to continue to coordinate to do so unimpeded.

Before we go into that, a few relevant proposals that have popped up and are currently in a voting period

Removing the entire treasury to a safe minion, proposed by @joseph which would remove all members ability to remove their funds altogether, currently failing and will continue to fail IMO.

Rage kicking me, currently failing, no logic or forum post, but ok :person_shrugging:t2:

Now to the point, this DAO has been very successful at aligning a group of individuals towards a shared goal, creating a cultural schelling point for builders, and empowering dapp developers with resources through grants. We raised more money than we ever initially intended to during a bear market cycle that had ETH prices around $100, seeing that sky rocket meant our measly treasury soared into the millions yay but also, “mo money mo problems”

It didn’t happen at first but slowly one by one, the brain drain of our most OG and active members started happening , people went on to found projects, protocols, and investment organizations and raise millions of dollars of their own to extend the meme of MetaCartel but in that process we lost our elders, the most knowledgeable and wise keepers of the MetaCartel flame, this is natural and more power to them, go forth and plant seeds, while at the same time a new cohort of eager and interested members are clamoring to join the DAO and do some good.

Yet with no one to guide them, no firm policies in place for them to rely on the existing system based on shared vision and aligned understanding breaks down, people stop paying attention, mistakes are made, DAO proposals are processed without any oversights, the treasury begins to bleed out and decisions are made by a highly centralized ops team that has no accountability or feedback loop to the founders of this DAO. This point is not intended to point fingers or to “blame” anyone at all, people wanted to be helpful, be a part of something and that is human nature, but from my perspective keeping a train running with no tracks ahead is a path bound for disaster.

“Though wise men at their end know dark is right,”

Without a comprehensive strategy to reboot the DAO and fire up a new version of ecosystem empowerment we are essentially shotgunning the remaining funds into the ecosystem, we don’t even know the current status of the last 10-15 grants that we gave out, where are they now ? How were the funds used ? What good has that done ?

…and with no person stepping up to steward that new direction I feel it is fiscally irresponsible to leave the remaining funds in the DAO and say farewell, I would rather see the funds returned to our unengaged share holders, as well as any members who want to ragequit the current DAO do so and fire up new forks, new experiments with smaller groups that have higher trust and alignment than the current DAO does. I do not believe we can reconcile the current governance of the DAO, nor do I want to try and coordinate with people who are adamantly against accepting the reality of the situation and are willing to sit idly by while other peoples money is spent to no good end.

The remaining treasury does not belong to us, we are simply stewards of those funds raised many years ago, ultimately it belongs to the DAO members, engaged or unengaged and my proposal just reflects that fact.

At the end of this is my belief that MetaCartel is more than a treasury, it’s more than a grant giving organization, it’s achieved more than most projects in the ecosystem and it will forever live as a part of this communities lore, but nothing lives forever, nothing stays the same, change will forever be the constant.

Don’t resist this opportunity to recreate MetaCartel, to kill one thing so that 5 may rise in it’s place, we have flown so high and done so many amazing experiments but we have flown to close to the sun, tried to scale to large and now there is nothing for us to do but go gentle into that good night :sleeping:

That is all, I harbor no malice or ill will towards any of the members of this group, this is not a personal attack or a witch hunt. I will proceed to sponsor my proposals after the treasury hostage proposal fails to show that the I am simply executing on the will of the majority, silent or otherwise…

Will be voting against all of these proposals. Has it been shown that the new cohort has been (significantly) negligent of the treasury? There are a lot of accusations but mostly opinions about granting preferences.

We could push the funds into the Public Nouns DAO or other granting organizations that are spinning up. Peth’s proposal also is interesting.

Crazy Idea: Be a matching sponsor for the next Gitcoin round or spin up our own CLR round for MC-aligned projects.

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Addressing things I believe are factual inaccuracies here:

Everyone always has the ability to rage-quit their funds after something passes in the cool-down phase. Rage-kicking everyone and nuking the treasury is the only thing that would stop the DAO from accessing those treasury funds.

The proposal 274, which I created and sponsored immediately after yalor posted in tg “going to nuke the treasury” without any discussion or accompanying forum post, is not a hostage proposal. Its a whitehat, let’s take a minute to address this first proposal. 100% of funds are still controlled by DAO vote, and anyone can rage quit if they want (which is very different from rage-kicking people without consent IMO.) If proposal 274 had not been sponsored before the hasty rage-kick treasury nuking proposals (which is the real hostage situation), than we would not even have the option of coming up with a new direction for these funds & the DAO.

Let’s move these funds to the safe, we can always agree to move them back to the main treasury after everyone has had a chance to make a propose something new for the DAO. Coordination hasnt stopped just because Yalor individually decided to stop participating. I’m not willing to throw in the towel on something I care a lot about on one hasty decision made by Yalor. :heart:

Voting against everything so we have have time to decide what happens next? If the treasury is nuked that takes away that as an option. We should move the funds to the save while we consider things like funding public nouns, as you suggested Scott

Okay, now that the dust has settled and all of last weeks proposals of passion have failed it’s time to get back to business:

Stop Nuke - Failed :no_entry:

Rage Kick me - Failed :no_entry:

Rage Kick Q - Failed :no_entry:

I’m personally still convinced that the current grants allocations have been lacking effectiveness and without the proper follow up I am still hesitant to support more treasury swap proposals.

What I am interested in is groups proposing alternative methods of organizing, pods of smaller and more aligned groups to allocate chunks of the treasury as they see fit.

I am going to hold off on sponsoring any of the RageKick proposal for a few weeks and sow some seeds into the community :seedling:

I have canceled all my pending RageKick proposals, ultimately I believe a little bit of work restructuring things is all that’s required and others such as @jamesyoung and @Dekan have expressed interest in helping do that work.

Will have a more comprehensive post for review soon :eyes:

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