Spreading The Seeds vs Gutting The Chili

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Gutting The Chili 👨🏽‍🌾 and sending all of the remaining treasury back to the OG members, to which @JamesW made an excellent point, “why would we send all of the treasury back to the people and protocols who least need it”

Which got me thinking, spreading the seeds of MetaCartel is a much more impactful use of the remaiming funds that nuking them back to the OG’s so I have cancelled all my Guildkick props and I’m here to spread seeds again.

What I realized that I’ve been feeling in the last year is that we are not spreading cultural seeds anymore though, we are just yeeting $ at teams and hoping for the best, so I remain adamant against the continuation of that.

With the new pod structure that @pet3rpan and @Dekan have been experimenting with we have the chance to spread more seeds, inoculate more communities against degenerate behavior and share out ethos aligned approach to the ecosystem.

The pods/work streams should be speed-running experiments and sharing knowledge with micro grants and I think we should lean into education more.
~ @Dekan

I could not agree more on this, although I can see there might be differing perspectives on how this is accomplished.


All grants are given via pods, the main grant forum that has accepted applications be shuttered and any ops work associated be released.

It would mean a bit of restructuring of the forum, “don’t even get me started on Discord” since no one uses it anyway.

Deprecating this post Grant Funding Request Proposal [Walkthrough Guide]

Pushing fund-raising decisions out to the edges, by allowing the pods to make funding decisions as they see fit. Then gathering sentiment from the remaining members about new pods needed, or that they might want to explore.

The key thing here is that each pod needs a specific focus, a vertical that the members of that group a focused on or working in. MetaCartel is not just a technical working group, so why should we focus on only funding technical applications, in fact historically we have not only done that. Hackathons, Conferences, and Residency programs have been of high interest and value to the members able to attend.

So it is with that sentiment that I propose we shift the structure of grant giving, allow those who want to contribute to apply for funding, review their proposals, apply accountability metrics or feedback loops where-ever possible and continue pushing power to the edges of the network.

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This is basically just along the line of this post, but formalizing it.

so if a new team comes to MC and doesn’t know anyone, will there be a way for them to navigate which pod would be best for them to apply to, or is there not going to be any applications or submissions accepted? is the intention to focus only on scouting?

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Members are welcome to refer teams to the appropriate pod, if no pod exists for funding that teams idea then there’s your answer.

In response to your question, YES I definitely think we should be doing more active scouting for applications instead of responding to whatever lands in the forums.

The new MC website might even be able hold the current pods, a description of their focus, and a contact form but again no response is guaranteed.

We should be focused on identifying key opportunities to fund projects, not administrative work or reviewing form responses.

Ever noticed how many unseen applications are on this forum ? There’s a reason no one can keep up with them all :crazy_face:

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