Internet Stock Exchange

Hello everyone,

I’ve commented before about the potential of decentralized social platforms with bootstrapped tokens and made an early proof of concept, which I shared here: Proposal: Decentralised Reddit for new Crypto users

The Product

I’m building on this idea further with TaDa!( which is a decentralized listing of assets, think “Internet Stock Exchange”.

Assets listed on TaDa are based on a price bonded Curve, and require “Shill” (the native token) to buy. Users are given 50 free Shills on authentication.

Currently, only tokens representing YouTube creators are listed, but in the future, you can imagine listing any speculative asset; sport teams, video games, musicians, movies…anything you’d want to capture the upside on as it becomes more popular.

How its built
The dapp is built on L2(Optimism Kovan), is gasless, and creates a burner wallet on account creation.

How MetaCartel can help
We’re in Beta, trying to figure out if this is something people want.

Hunt us on Product Hunt:

Any feedback or advice you can give would be much appreciated.