Proposal: Decentralised Reddit for new Crypto users

I and a friend are building a content voting platform like Reddit, where users vote with Crypto that’ll be minted to their accounts.

We experimenting with new web3 tech to see how simple we can make the dapp feel to users unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies.

For us this means:

  • Creating burner wallets so users don’t go through extra steps of downloading other apps
  • Running the dapp on an Ethereum side chain so users get fast transaction times and pay no gas fees
  • Bootstrapping a governance token to the platform to reward contributers

Our goal is to make this a decentralised and community owned platform. And show what new web3 experiences are possible.

What’s needed from Metacartel:
We’re going to be using technology we’re not too familiar with and it’d be great to have help navigating some of the technical aspects as well as the tokenomics of the platform.

It should be great fun to design something with crypto that mainstream users can understand immediately.

I really like this! Keep me in the loop- could be a first user :smiley:

Hey @AlienLobster definitely a need in the space, are you a member of a community that’s going to help built this with you ?

Yeah, a friend and I are working on it.

Currently we’re trying to decide on architecture that makes it possible to onboard users and give them a taste of the product without requiring them to pay first.

This would go a long way in addressing the major UX hurdles most dapps face.

Built it:

The simplest UX of any known dapp.