MCON 2 - LiveStream & Narration Documentary

It’s about that time again, MCON is upon us. Last year we sought funded to ensure that the content would be captured and streamed to the web via Twitch.

This year we have a much bigger venue and more content to capture. Working in tandem with @META_DREAMER we have negotiated 2 crews to shoot the entire event for us, one team will be focused on the livestream exclusively to ensure that the stream is steady and broadcasting directly to Youtube, the next team will be focused on capturing content around the event, telling the story of the MetaCartel, it’s impact and showcasing all the side rooms and experiences, then chopping it up into a post event mini documentary.


~ Pre production & Build day for MCON. Gear setup and testing

~ Live streaming / recording 4 camera setup (5 person team) x 3 days.

~ Narrative shooters, 3 floors of MCON ( 3 person team) x 3 days.

~ Post event editing & production.


This year we are asking for $15,000 to cover the expenses of both teams event coverage & Live Stream.

Here is last years proposal MCON 21 Live Stream and Media Proposal, we ended up spending about $10k on our productions and got over 50,000 views on some of our clips

You can see the results on

Look forward to the DAO’s support on this one, as we look to provide another free event for high value contributors of the DAO ecosystem :ok_hand:t4:


I’m pretty pro this proposal. This type of content can and should be used by MetaCartel for growth.

Sounds amazing! I saw the live stream last year MetaDreamer did, he did a great job! I feel if we have a team work on MCON 2 will provide more professional stream for us especially those people who can not join it IRL(like me lol)! So totally support this!

btw, I wanna create a video call to organize Chinese community to join MCON 2 online!

I think this is a reasonable amount of money for the service, having a team working the whole 3 days definitely costs at least this amount especially for high quality.

What i don’t understand is… why wasn’t this cost included in the overall budget for mcon? I asked if HeroDAO could help sponsor, and i know opolis did as well, and were both told “no we dont need more sponsors”. Can we have this funded from a “Stream Sponsor” or something instead of from the DAO? Personally, I would vote against this at the moment.

Appreciate the feedback and the constructive critiques. We’ve got a lot of balls in the air at the moment, so having MC handle the AV budget was always in the cards, as that was the same as last year. It’s important not to water down the event with too many sponsors and we committed to all the sponsors in advance that we would only take on 10 sponsors.

MetaCartel currently holds one of those sponsorship slots, so as a compromise I would suggest that we reduce the request to $10k, I’ll speak with the other orgs about covering the rest of the budget so we can have a quality livestream for the event. I hope this satisfies everyones concerns and I look forward to seeing you all in Denver :pray:t4:

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For some extra context, this year we have much bigger plans than just a livestream. We will be capturing documentary style content, reality TV show style content, podcasts and convos in the green pill trailer, and even a DAO gameshow. Basically reviving MetaMedia a little and making “MetaCartel interdimensional cable”. I’ve personally put in $5-7k of my own money to help make this happen, and we will need a pretty large crew to pull it off, any budget from MC here would go a long way

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Let us know what the orgs say re: reducing the request to $10k. Regardless, I fully support the $15k for AV. I was unable to attend some of the events last year and was holed up in hotel room during the day. The livestream was awesome.

Full support, see everyone in Denver

Is this the only method for getting talks recorded? I’d only support this, if that’s the case. These are worth their weight in gold.

Also, were there any sponsors available to pick up this tab? It’d be great to get them to partner and provide a little visibility to the ecosystem. This is the perfect thing to get a sponsor for, MC can be the sponsor if necessary but shouldn’t be the first.

Yalor missed our townhall this morning, that’s alright, but still made this proposal live: DAOhaus

I didnt see anyone say that the amount is too much. I pretty much agree its a reasonable amount for the hours and equipment, so lowering the amount doesnt really = a compromise IMO. Seems like it would not take much effort to get opolis, who specifically offered to sponsor the stream, to send $15k to the address and add a logo on the corner. If its a matter of organizing I am happy to volunteer for that, or to make the tg chat to make it happen.
I’m voting no on the onchain proposal