MetaCamp in Costa Rica

MetaCamp: An offsite DAO experience [beta]


Hotel Playa Negra in Guanacaste on the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica.


After a massively successful we came up with the concept of renting out a space that was more tight knit and doing some planning to create a deeper team style building bonding experience. @zakku from CoordinAPE has offered this space conveniently located next to his property in Costa Rica, the bungalows can hold between 2-3 people per unit, 14 bungalows x 3 = 42 +/- so that would be the amount of spaces. I suggest we make this a Kickback event as it’s crucial that people who reserve the space are serious. The price of the entire place for one week is roughly $7000, we would need a handful of staff on-site to lead us through various activities and exercises.


I suggest we allocate a $15,000 budget for food, lodging, cars & entertainment for 30 members of the DAO ( if that many people want to come) Then we invite 12 members of other DAO’s CoordinAPE, Yearn, 1Hive, Tally, GitcoinDAO, MGD, et al

We give everyone roles to play while on the island, documentation, coordination, planning, booking, etc etc and we begin the first in a series of DAO offsite events that would act a play book for other DAO’s looking to bond their community together and explore finding greater cohesion around their mission.


DAO’s are not just communities, they are working groups that could benefit massively from this type of intimate gathering. If we can bring together the right group of people and successfully execute a small scale gathering as I have proposed I believe we will spark an industry shift towards focusing on the health and wellness of the a DAO’s members, MetaCartel has always gone first so it should be no surprise that we are moving in this direction first as well. I think we have massive upside to be realized from executing this event and I’m extremely excited to start mapping it out with the support and insights from the group.

~ Yalor your humble Tavern Keeper :beers:


Stoked for this!! What an amazing opportunity to step into our power.

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This is the way, this is the truth.

Will there be 5G internets?


This is amazing. Count me in to help with operations.

Definitely will need to setup those types of things well in advance, we will have an on-site logistics person to help lock in all those details.

Already taking sign-up for this :bookmark_tabs:

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100mbs internet supposedly getting connected next week, will confirm. But the cable has been laid already for sure.


I’m here for this, can rally MGD. Bonding with peers in the ecosystem is great for trust and reputation building <3

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So down for this!! Would love to meet folks in person finally


100% down - this sounds like a blast

This is what we need kids. Anon + Beach

Mos def down for this!

Right up my alley, and thrilled to pitch in

I am happy to help facilitate, creating a daily schedule, and organize Yalor. I can offer team building/bonding work, yoga, meditation, breath work, sound healing,and my oracle-ing :wink:

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Amazing - I am there :pray:

I’m down - happy to rep VentureDAO

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Hey folks! Would love to support - I live in Costa Rica - about an hour from this property and am in MGD - so would love to help in any way you think could be useful - esp. onsights things, etc.

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Hey @eraz that’s great news, so we’re going to take reservations from DAO’s to attend the event. I would sync with MGD to ensure that they are down to allocate one of their 5 spot’s to you for attendance.

Once we open the MetaCamp DAO we’ll take official reservations by a deposit of $5000 DAI from each attending DAO, which Includes 5 spaces for attendance. As of now it looks like @nich and @MoneyMage are confirmed but I’d like to see if Zayi, Holly, Juliana, Kseniya, Alex (aave), Nadia (makerdao), and Anna are available interested to attend. In the interest of Increasing diversity and creating stronger bonds with our DAO dames I think we could extend the capacity for MGD.

If you could get hard yes/no from these folks and begin the proposal approval process that would help immensely :pray:t4:


I would like to propose we kick-off the first organizers meeting of MetaCamp next week on Thursday ( 11am PST (can adjust up or down by an hour if needed)

Will add @Jeremy @vengist @Sky @victorrortvedt / then @Organically_Rich @RHolmes as additional support so we can dial in on the DAO’s needs vs organizational needs.

Goal: Create an outline for the flow of the event, proposed timelines, launch the DAO on xDai, discuss budgets, sponsorships, and other details that will need to be hammered out in the next few months.

Please DM me your email if you don’t get an invite for this event :spiral_calendar:


:point_up_2:t2: imagine this, an organized Yalor :stuck_out_tongue:

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