Regens United Grant

I am posting here to publicly share my vote decision on the recent (Regens United) proposal.

This post requests 1 ETH for retroactively funding their event, we did in fact already fund their event, 3 of their events via ETHOS.

We gave a $1500 grant to their Berlin event, sent on 9/14/2023

We also sponsored their PlayDrive event for $1500 Belgium on 06/04/2023

We have supported their events multiple times, and assessed the value they provide. It is also important to keep in mind these are paid events, ticket sales should cover basic costs of venue rental / AV / ect

For these reasons and the fact that no forum post has been provided to explain why we should foot the bill for the remaining budget I have voted no on the approval of this grant.

Thanks for your attention and hopefully this makes my position clear :pray:t4:

They posted about it in the original proposal thread & we discussed it on the townhall a few weeks ago where @tae brought it up.
Their retrospective & request: Grant Proposal: Support Regens Unite at BBW 2023 - #7 by guil

Would also like to note that PlayDrive was not a Regens Unite event. It was a separate event with different topics (organized by one of the team members of Regens Unite)

If they were requesting this as a full amount from the beginning, I’d probably have voted no.
But they’re all doing this on a volunteering basis, their tickets are like 50€ (so hard to cover the event) & this proposal is for saving their asses so they’re not in personal debt for the event.

Also, we just paid 7 eth for mcon location scouting, so 1 eth for saving these people seems like a low price :man_shrugging:

1 ETH for “saving” these people, not sure what we are saving them from ? But IMO this creates an unhealthy dynamic, where anytime a group decides to run an event they can come back to us and tap the DAO for more funds.

We have funded them previously, they have tapped us for grants in the past, they may tap us for grants again in the future, but giving an erroneous 1 ETH to a group that is not officially affiliated with MetaCartel strikes me as irresponsible.

To your last point above, MCON is our event, Regens Unite is not :thinking: not sure that needs much more clarification.