Rules of MetaCartel's Roles

What are these roles?

These roles are the operations and support team here to help ensure the victory of the MetaCartel Ecosystem.

How do you apply to these roles?

Need to be championed into these roles by other DAO members

How does one get fired from these roles?

Folks in these roles are accepted amongst their first DAO proposal and fired when their last DAO proposal does not pass vote.

Nature of the roles

Currently, there are no long term incentive alignment mechanisms behind these roles, so there is a level of understanding that champions who take on these roles are doing so for the greater good.


I think we should also have a role for content creation / media etc. Incredibly important IMO especially if we are starting to focus on community. MetaCartel is doing some of the most awesome stuff in the space but we need to put that on display more. @coopahtroopa has been doing a great job with articles but we should ramp up those operations and get on more platforms and create more regular content, etc. I’m trying to do this myself, but having someone full time on the role to help with editing and filling in gaps in bandwidth and what not.