🌊 Share 'what DApp you are working on' thread

  1. Alice “investable bounties” dapp
  2. Live on Rinkeby testnet: https://ida.alice.si
  3. It’s a dapp that makes the funding of public goods completely accountable. Buidlers only get paid if they fulfil their promised milestones. If they need money upfront to fund work they can sell their future payments that are unlocked when promises are delivered.

See github for more details on v2 of the Alice protocol that this dapp is built on, and on our new financial primitive and “fluid balance” token standard.

  1. Charged Particles
  2. Pre-production: https://charged-particles.netlify.com
  3. DeFi NFTs (Particles) that earn interest over time (Charge). Custom token mechanics based on a tokens level of “charge”. Always appreciating in value, discharge to claim interest, burn to claim underlying asset + interest.
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Greetings CartAliens :hot_pepper:

I’m out here spreading the gospel of MetaGame, and also helping organize the MetaCartel :dragon_face: Dragon Quest :dragon_face: Virtual Hackathon (not a dapp) could be one day :thinking:

  1. MetaGame, it’s more of a religion than a Dapp :man_shrugging:t2:
  2. Head on over to www.metagame.wtf to start playing.
  3. We are creating a massive online coordination game that incentivzes collaboration > competition, optimized for human values, acting a as digital Silicon valley for Web3 communities (only no $8 coffee and absolutely no talk of IPO evaluations) :sunglasses:

2. http://bbs.in-ycst.com(this is our beta)
3. It’s a decentralized platform for international student information sharing based on Ethereum and IPFS. Our primary target market is Chinese overseas students because our team is composed of a group of Chinese overseas students. :grin:

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Microsponsors just launched on Mainnet:
:hourglass_flowing_sand: Mint & Auction time slots as NFTs in our brand new marketplace built with the 0x Protocol.

Get started here >>> https://microsponsors.io/

We’re launching with Categories for: Freelancing, Podcasts, Events, Videos & Livestreams, Newsletters, Art, Charity and more…

Once you’re Registered you can create a time slot that will automatically go to auction via the 0x Protocol.

Use the share link in your new token listing to Refer your potential Sponsors, and when we spin up the Referral program (pending 0x Protocol integration in Q2), you’ll start earning passive income when they buy time slots (!)

We also have the ability to Federate with other organizations, so if you’d like to run your own Marketplace + Registry, just drop a note to hello@microsponsors.io

  1. Quachtli (currently looking for inspiration for a replacement name)

  2. I’ve got a running version on Rinkeby here (The “connect to wallet” button is a dummy btw).
    You can mint yourself some tokens to use from here. The code is all open and can be found here.

  3. Quachtli builds on AZTEC Protocol to allow Sablier-style streams while preserving privacy over the amount being streamed. This is exciting as you can use it to stream your salary over time without telling everyone who knows your address exactly how much you earn.

The demo is pretty rough and ready but you can do the full DAI -> zkDAI -> deposit into stream -> withdraw from stream -> zkDAI -> DAI process. What remains to be done is stuff like cancelling streams in progress, improving privacy on the DAI/zkDAI transition, UX, etc.

My team and I are working on

  1. THX
  2. It’s live (v.0.1.1) on Rinkeby testnet. You can apply for a demo/testing or check out github.com/thxprotocol
  3. THX allows you to pool funds and create rewards for and by members of your online community. Thanks to an API you connect it easily to other software. We have a basic Slack app and working on a Drupal module.

So it’s not unlike a simple DAO integrated into existing community and chat apps :open_mouth:
We’re looking for people that want to test and give feedback. Looking forward to keep you all updated on our progress :zap: :running_man: :running_woman:

  1. Cryptoman
  2. Yes, live: https://cryptoman.app
  3. Inspired by bomberman, multiplayer, multi-blockchain play2earn, regular adrenaline pumping tournaments ( see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXlvx4b83_A&t=6s )

Hey everyone, I’m BruceTheGoose

  1. The Goose Nest
  2. Proof of concept is live at https://thegoosenest.site
  3. The vision is to offer creators a fully accessible, community controlled platform to create, collect, and discover creative media NFTs. We also plan to offer cross promotional oppurtunities to other upcoming and established NFT based projects that align with our fundamentals, and promote the creators in our community, plus a lot more ideas in the works!

We are working on a value added attention platform.

  1. Name of dapp PUBLICAE, the utility token is Politicoin (PBLC) see more on www.publicae.org
  2. The utility token wallet is live on iOS and Android, the PUBLICAE platform is still developing
  3. PUBLICAE is creating a political advertising platform on which rewarding people who provide their valuable attention is simplified and secured.
    We wish to contribute to real effects on state of world affairs with the PUBLICAE deployed ERC-20 Politicoin utility token.