🌊 Share 'what DApp you are working on' thread

  1. CharmVerse

  2. It is live and you can sign up here https://www.charmverse.io/

  3. Web 3 Access Control for Web 2 Tools that enables token-based membership access for Web 2 productivity tools. First product is a token-gate for Notion.

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How’s MetaRooms going? What have you learned?

  1. openPool
  2. It’s not live yet but you can check us out here: https://www.openpool.co/
  3. A community investment platform for on-chain funds
  1. Mimicry Protocol
  2. Not live. Soon. https://mimicry.finance
  3. Defi derivatives protocol for NFT collections.
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  1. Still Earthbound
  2. Live at HEADLINE - The Decentralized Publishing Platform
  3. Still Earthbound is a love letter to Moloch DAOs. It’s also a message in a bottle, tossed onto the sea of the internet, with notes about beautiful humans and all our complex interactions.
  1. GiveStation
  2. It is live and you can sign up here https://givestation.org/
  3. What is GiveStation?
    GiveStation is a multichain decentralized crowdfunding protocol that enables founders, teams and organizations to raise funds in cryptocurrencies while rewarding the donors for contributing.

ALPHA from Suede here, get yours:

  1. TestDAO
  2. Live on Discord
  3. A community where onboarding new folks into Web3 - DAO ecosystem, mentality and way of life - is made easy by providing everyone the access to test out DAO tools.

Hey All! I’m working on meTokens! We received a grant from Meta Cartel back in 2021 and havent stopped building since! cc: @CBobRobison (Proposal: meTokens - The DeFi "Fair Launch" of Personal Tokens)

  1. meTokens: www.Twitter.com/meTokens
  2. Beta is currently LIVE on Rinkeby network, launching to mainnet shortly after DevCon 2022!
  3. meTokens is a personal token protocol built on Ethereum for issuing and holding stake in builders. Because web3 creators working on various projects and associate with different DAOs, there needs to be a way to value the productivity of people. With meTokens, any creator or builder can issue a personal token with a customizable bonding curve, backed by any ERC-20 token as collateral (ETH, altcoins, LP tokens, LP pairs).

happy to talk more about it, give any MC members a demo and chance for early access!

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